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Sony BDPS1700 Full HD Upscaling Streaming Blu-ray Player


A world of entertainment. Stream. Watch. Game.Stream from 300+ entertainment services1 play PlayStation Now2 games and Blu-ray Disc moviesall from one device. Upscale content to near HD quality while also enjoying premium sound. Quickly load and start Blu-ray and DVD discs faster than ever and even share photos videos or music through the front USB port. A word of entertainment begins here.Stream from your favorite apps in Full HD.Access over 300 streaming services1 and enjoy endless entertainment including movies TV shows music and more from your favorite apps like Netflix YouTube Hulu PlusPandora Amazon Instant Video and more. Play PS3 games directly on your TV no game console required.Enjoy instant access to a catalog of hundreds of streamed PlayStation 3 games. Play using your 2016 Sony Blu-ray Disc player and a DUALSHOCK 4 controller no game console required.2 Enjoy Blu-ray Disc movies in Full HD and upscale your DVDs to near HD quality.Watch the latest Blu-ray Disc movies in Full High Definition quality for depth and image clarity far exceeding that of DVD. The BDP-S1700 also upscales your standard definition DVDs to near HD resolution3 so you can enjoy astonishing detail for all of your favorite movies. Easy navigation with a customizable user-friendly interface.Finding apps and features is quick and simple with a graphical user interface. Browse on your TV screen with easy-to-navigate panelscontent is divided into featured apps on one side and your favorite apps on the other. Everything is neatly organized and quick to launch. Super Quick Start gets you watching fasterWith Quick Start mode and Fast Loading it takes less than 1 second to boot up your Blu-ray Disc player. Youll be able to get to the action quicker with even interactive discs loading in as little as 30 seconds once the tray is closed. If youre not watching Blu-ray you can launch internet content even faster too. Enjoy your videos photos and digital music with USB connectivity.Easily display your videos and photos on your TV or listen to your digital music by simply connecting your USB storage device to the Blu-ray players front USB slot4. Dolby TrueHD for sound as the director intendedEnjoy peerless audio quality with Dolby TrueHD which delivers lossless sound across movies and music. By reproducing sound identical to original studio masters it offers unparalleled audio fidelity for Blu-ray Discs DVDs and downloaded content. Reduce energy with an Energy Star 3.0 rating.With an Energy Star 3.0 rating the player will consume less energy during its use and when its in standby mode.

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