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Solo traveling to Mangalore, India

Solo traveling is slowly becoming popular in the tourism and travel industry is single traveling alone (Solo) as well as travel companions for singles. A great thing to note is the fact that package holidays to visit top things to do in Mangalore for singles are made complete. 

These can be either escorted or cruise holidays and a good thing about escorted single holidays is that you will go on the trip with companions that you can get along with.

Benefits of Solo traveling to Mangalore

  • Easy to travel
  • Cost-effective
  • Exotic locations

Easy to travel

Travelling in a group is not only adventurous but also provides a great environment even though every single person can make an individual decision regarding the many options available.

It is not possible for you to get lost since there is a tour guide provided. This is important since the more you can learn about something, the more appealing it becomes. The presence of other travel mates makes the experience great fun and you will always have someone to talk to.

Creating friends will be easy and this may lead to a friendship that will last for a long time or even lead to a “more than a friend”.


While you might not necessarily want to go on a Star Trek, you may be interested in one of those trekking holidays Mangalore. These are a great way to explore “the old country” and because most Coastal places in Karnataka cram a lot of interesting architecture and culture into a fairly mall space, walking or bicycling around the place is a fantastic way to travel.

A good thing about these treks is that they will enable you to meet like-minded people who reason like you. The best way of seeing the beautiful place that is Mangalore is from the foot or a bicycle while you are enjoying your holiday adventure because it gives you a more intimate sightseeing experience. To get that camping feel, you can decide to stay on the mountain hut. It is built on Coastal’s highest peak.

Exotic Destinations

Having a list of things to do in Mangalore lets you save time and effort after landing. For you to have a great time on a trekking holidays Mangalore vacation, you should include The Pyrenees. You will enjoy taking a walk on the high mountain ridges and through the wonderful meadows. You can also do some parts of it as a side trip off of a boat.

There are a number of different huts you can stay in for your overnights. Another wonderful sight is of the beautiful glacial lakes as well as summits that are easy to climb at Park. A number of pathways that have been made running across the place are also present to help trekkers, hikers, walkers, and ramblers find their way.


In case you want another great place to spend a holiday, you can spend some time amongst locals. They are “Bunts” people who have a mix of French and Portuguese influence. The starting point of your trek will be at the lowest point which is in the beautiful village of Mangalore district.

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