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Shakira’s Trainer Shares the Singer’s Favorite Arm Workout


Each time Shakira takes the stage, she likes to get pumped. Jacked, really. 

Because in addition to other pre-show rituals, the three-time Grammy-winning Colombian pop star likes to squeeze in a quickie arm routine courtesy of longtime trainer Anna Kaiser. The 43-year-old’s “favorite workout,” the New York City-based founder of The AKT Studios tells E! News, “She loves to do this before she goes onstage. It gets her muscles popping.” 

Plus it came from the same mind that got the “Me Gusta” singer sculpted ahead of this year’s Super Bowl. So, uh, we’re game. 

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To prep for her epic halftime performance with Jennifer Lopez in Miami, Shakira and Kaiser relied on the same whenever, wherever approach they’ve employed for the last decade. 

“This is what I say to everyone: it does no matter how many minutes or hours you work out, it is about showing up,” says Kaiser, who also puts Kelly Ripa through her dance cardio-heavy paces. “If you can only show up and do 15 minutes, do 15 minutes. If you have the time and energy to do an hour-and-a-half, do an hour-and-a-half. But just show up.”

Some days that might mean the singer, mom to sons Milan, 7, and Sasha, 5, with Gerard Piqué, gets in a short strength-training session ahead of a grueling dance rehearsal. On others, she’ll commit to 90 minutes of dance cardio and strength intervals with moments of vinyasa flow in between. 

“So tone, bands, which is sports conditioning, dance intervals, and HIIT or circuit classes and we’re doing all those based on the day,” Kaiser explained to E! News of their routine ahead of February’s big performance, “but it is really important both for your mind and your body to consistently switch up your workouts so that you keep your head in the game, you don’t get bored, and you have a workout that’s going to work for you that day for what you need to accomplish that day.”

One option you can arm yourself with: this upper body sculptor that requires just a hand towel, 10-minutes of your time and the willpower to push yourself through a serious burn. 

So snag your “equipment” from the kitchen, blast your most motivating playlist and follow Kaiser’s lead in the video above. Then, check out more of toning wizardry on her Instagram (where she has links to all her live classes) or at the on demand section of her website

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