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Save 25% on the 2nd gen, plus free shipping


Save $26: The Apple Pencil (2nd generation) for the iPad Pro and latest iPad Air is on sale for $103 at Verizon with free two-day shipping as of Feb. 17.

It’s not confirmed, but some new iPads could be headed our way soon.

Springtime Apple Events are common. 2020 missed out due to the onset of COVD-19, but people are feeling more confident about a March Apple event this year. Speculations on new stuff includes the iPad Pro and iPad Mini.

This is good news for anyone who’s shopping for an iPad — both because there’s a new option in the market, but also because it would likely mean price cuts on older models. Either way, you’ll want an Apple Pencil for that. You can snag the 2nd generation Apple Pencil on sale for $103.99 at Verizon, a juicy 25% discount and just $4 over its lowest price ever on Amazon.

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The stylus, in general, hasn’t been a particularly exciting or novel accessory since, like, 2000. But the Apple Pencil isn’t your mother’s stylus. Writing with one is unlike anything you’ve experienced before — unless you count a physical pencil or marker. It’s that precise. Various brush strokes, shading methods, and gradient can be triggered through tilt and pressure detection, offering hyper-accurate latency that look like you’re actually creating on paper. 

It’s been a game-changer for designers, photographers, or videographers who spend hours doodling, illustrating, and retouching. Students who prefer handwritten notes can still get that gratification sans smudging. Marking up a PDF is significantly easier when it doesn’t require re-scanning, and presenting from home without a whiteboard is a breeze thanks to Airplay.

The second-gen sees a few upgrades that mostly affect convenience, including magnetic attachment to the side of an iPad Pro or 4th gen Air, a button to switch between brush strokes or between writing and erasing, as well as a flat edge to prevent rolling away. The iPadOS update from June introduced Scribble, an Apple Pencil feature that converts handwriting into text.

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