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Sands of Salzaar is like a Chinese fantasy Mount and Blade, and it’s just as janky too


It’s pretty easy to see why Sands of Salzaar sold over 50,000 copies on Steam in just a few days despite only being available in Chinese. It takes the strategy simulation of Mount and Blade and drops it into an ancient Chinese setting full of mythological monsters, rare artifacts, and cackling wizards. Instead of having to master a brutal combat system about perfectly timed parries and sword swings while wearing little more than squirrel pelts for armor, I’m a badass mage commanding an army of feral wolves and summoned demons. It’s pretty cool, but Sands of Salzaar is also every bit as janky and frustrating as the games it so liberally borrows from.

Released in Early Access back in January, which somehow feels like a decade ago, Sands of Salzaar just recently got a major update that includes a full English translation. After a quick tutorial, I was dropped head-first into an enormous open world sandbox that lives on its own: Tribes regularly go to war with one another, merchant caravans slip past bandit ambushes, and there are several dozen characters I can befriend or antagonize.

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