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Samsung Galaxy S21+ cases – what to expect


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There’s no denying that Samsung wants to go big with the next Galaxy Unpacked event. Samsung is apparently planning to capitalize on Huawei’s troubles as much as possible, and that is why it is gearing up for an early Galaxy S21 and Buds 2 release date. After an endless stream of leaks, the date is now official – January 14. This year the event is dedicated to the Galaxy S21 line, consisting of three models – the Galaxy S21, the Galaxy S21+, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The big news is that the top model will support Samsung’s stylus – the S-Pen – normally a Galaxy Note exclusive. The design of the Galaxy S21 line has evolved quite a bit since the S20.

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The camera bump now flows seamlessly into the frame of the phone, creating a unique look but also posing some questions about durability and drop protection. That’s where the cases come in but given the unique design, the Galaxy S21+ cases face a tough decision – to go the fashion route or to stay strong and cover this interesting feature.

We’re a week away from the official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series but thanks to all the leaks we know almost everything about the phones already. And although Galaxy S21+ cases are still very, very rare, we decided to pick one or two for your viewing pleasure in order to give you an idea of what to expect.

Will Samsung Galaxy S21 cases fit the S21+?

Not a chance. Although the design of those two devices is practically the same, the size is different, which means that S21 and S21+ cases are NOT interchangeable. So, be extra careful if you want to pre-order a case for your new Galaxy S21 or S21+. Meanwhile, reservations for the Galaxy S21 preorder are now open in the US. Get $50 in store credit for registering!

Samsung Galaxy S21+ official cases

Thanks to a recent leak, posted by Mysmartprice, we have a good idea of what the Galaxy S21+ official cases will look like. There are no surprises here, all the models are well-known and there are no little tricks like S-Pen slots because there’s no S-Pen support in the Galaxy S21+. By the way, you should definitely check our comparison articles to see what’s what and have a better idea of what’s coming on January 14.

Samsung Galaxy S21+ S-View Flip Cover case

The S-View Flip Cover not only protects your display but has a window that shows you important information at a glance. The Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra are getting this case (the Ultra Flip case will have a variant with an S-Pen slot), so it’s safe to assume that the Galaxy S21+ will get it too. There’s of course a plain flip cover variant without a window.

Samsung Galaxy S21+ Leather Cover case

The Leather Cover case is an all-time favorite – it combines the stylish leather look and feel with a sleek and practical design. The S21+ Leather Cover cases seem to cover the camera bump, featuring only small circular cutouts for the camera and LED flash but unlike the S21 leather cover, this one sports a nice contour that emphasizes the new camera bump design.

Samsung Galaxy S21+ Clear and Silicone Cover case

There’s an interesting clear cover case with a stand in the leaked images, but sadly it appears to house the S21 Ultra model. There’s no information on whether we’ll see the same case for the Galaxy S21+. The good old silicone cases though will support this middle model for sure. As will be the “case” with the Kvadrat cases that come next.

Samsung Galaxy S21+ Kvadrat cases

If plain silicone is too boring for you, or you don’t want a big, bulky rugged case, there’s a cool option from Denmark design studio Kvadrat. These cases are made from post-consumer recycled polyester (PET) that the company calls Revive. They’re not only sturdy and stylish but also fully recyclable and good for the environment.

Samsung Galaxy S21+ Rugged Protective Standing Cover case

Samsung’s take on the rugged case “covers” all the Galaxy S21 models. It might not be a looker, but it will protect the phone from falls, and there are two integrated kickstands for better viewing comfort during those quarantine-inspired binge-watching moments.

Samsung Galaxy S21+ third-party cases

Third-party cases for the Galaxy S21+ are quite rare, which is totally understandable, given that the phone hasn’t launched yet. There are however some cases circulating around the web, giving us an idea of what to expect (although the big case manufacturers haven’t disclosed their designs yet).

SUPCASE Galaxy S21+ UB Pro case with stand

This case is a cool compromise between a sleek and compact design and protection. It offers a mix of hard polycarbonate plate featuring a dual kickstand, and shock-absorbing TPU shell. There are some nice color accents around the display and the camera bump. This case features a raised lip to protect the display and cool textures and ridges on the sides for better grip.

i-Blason Ares Galaxy S21+ case

Another rugged case design for the Galaxy S21+ comes from i-Blason and is aptly called Ares. This case comes with a clear back but the corners feature huge bumpers for up to 20ft drop protection, worthy of the Greek god of war himself. The case is not the prettiest out there, but it will show your Galaxy S21+ original color while protecting the device at the same time.

i-Blason Cosmo Classic Galaxy S21+ case

From Greek Mythology on to something more peaceful. This case is all about looks. It features a geometrical pattern with gold borders and a swirling ocean background. It completely covers the camera bump, so you won’t be able to show the world that interesting design Samsung is so proud of.

Clayco Xenon rugged Galaxy S21+ case

The Xenon case is all about protection and you can tell this just by looking at it. This Galaxy S21+ case features military standard drop protection (810G-516.6), huge ridges, and a very square and angular design. The Galaxy S21+ design will be completely obscured in this case but the device will be completely safe as well. Your choice.

The mysterious flip case

Last year, IceUniverse posted some leaked photos of what appeared to be a leather flip cover for the Galaxy S21. This design hasn’t popped-up since but it is interesting to elaborate on it a bit more. It is the only one so far that features a cutout on the side meant to show the new camera bump design. While such an approach may compromise protection, it is clearly far more interesting and aesthetically pleasing than all other alternatives. Whether we’ll see more Galaxy S21/S21+ covers sporting such a design, it is not clear at all, at the moment.

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