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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro battery specs, price and colors leak, to be released with the Galaxy S21


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Remember the purported Galaxy Buds 2 that leaked not long ago and were tipped to appear alongside the Galaxy S21 during its Unpacked event, in black, violet, and silver colors? Well, it subseqently turned out that they could be named Galaxy Buds Pro, and even leaked in their violet and silver color form.

Samsung usually gives whatever Buds model it is announcing together with the S-line or Note series for free with their preorder, or at a steep discount, so we took a dive at the FCC for the Buds Pro, and found them chilaxing under the inconspicuous model number SM-R190.

That much has leaked before, but now there is the label diagram of the Buds Pro case, which for the first time depicts the name in an official document. There are also colors and specs listed, too.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro price, colors, and battery life

  • Galaxy Buds Pro colors: Black, Silver, Violet
  • Galaxy Buds Pro battery: 500mAh (case), 60mAh (buds), 22 hours battery life (ANC on, with cradle)
  • Galaxy Buds Pro specs: active noise cancellation (ANC), IP68 water-resistance, Bluetooth 5.1, touch controls, USB-C fast charging, and wireless charging.
  • Galaxy Buds Pro price: $199

In fact, the FCC lists the case to have a 500mAh battery, and the buds 120mAh batteries in total, which are exactlhy the Galaxy Buds Live capacities, so we can expect a similar 22 hours battery life from the Galaxy Buds Pro with the case and ANC on, or 6 hours from each bud in the same condition. Given that the Buds Live are prices $170 barring any promos, the Buds Pro could launch at the same tag, or be slightly more expensive at $199.
Needless to say, after Samsung proved that it can do ANC right, it had to work on the water-resistance as well, and the Pro moniker could very well mean that it has finally managed to merge these two important wireless earphone features into one compelling package.

Samsung used the name Plus or Live because they couldn’t improve the water resistance of these,” tip insiders for this year’s Galaxy Buds+ and Buds Live bean-shaped models with active noise cancellation, but, evidently, it has now figured out how to supply both ANC and a higher waterproof rating for the Buds Pro. 

Usually, Samsung is giving whatever new Buds it issues away with an S or Note line phone purchase, at least in the pre-order stage, so we hope it will do the same when the Galaxy S21, S21+ and Ultra get priced for a January 29 release.

The fact, however, that the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are shipping with both active noise cancellation like the Live models, and activity-oriented features and design like the Plus version, however, means that these could be a bit more expensive than what Samsung used to give for free with a flagship preorder. Still, even if it does an accessory credit like it did with its last few models, it will still be worth to offset the lion’s share of the Galaxy Buds Pro price while you are shopping for the Galaxy S21, S21+, or the flagship S21 Ultra. 

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