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Samsung Galaxy A72 vs Galaxy A71 5G, the key differences to expect


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The most popular Samsung handset last year wasn’t from the Galaxy S or Note lines but rather from the midrange A-series, and when we say most popular we mean that it’s the one that sold the most units and kept Samsung at the perch of the world’s largest phone maker.

Key Galaxy A72 vs A71 5G differences to expect:

  • 6.7″ 1080p 90Hz vs 6.7″ 1080p 60Hz OLED displays
  • Snapdragon 750G vs Snapdragon 765 5G chipsets
  • 5000mAh vs 4500mAh battery
  • 2MP vs 5MP macro camera
  • 8MP telephoto vs 5MP ‘depth’ sensor
  • Water-resistance certification

Samsung Galaxy A72 vs Galaxy A71 size, colors, and display differences

Samsung is making the Galaxy A72 slightly larger and wider than its predecessor to accommodate the longer display diagonal. Anything above six inches in height is unwieldy to carry around or operate with one hand, and both phones are at fault here, so we’d rather have the slightly larger – 6.7″ vs 6.5″ – display. 
On the plus side, Samsung’s Infinity-O display design with a selfie camera punch hole in the middle of the top screen area has been shrunk significantly, transforming the front into a much more aesthetically pleasing area to look at.
Samsung’s Glasstic housing on an aluminum frame will be wrapping the Galaxy A72 internals, says Roland Quandt via WinFuture, available in Awesome Black, Awesome White, Awesome Blue, and Awesome Violet colors. 
The kicker? The Galaxy A72 will still have a headphone jack and support a microSD card slot, unlike the more expensive Galaxy S21 series, and it will be have water-resistant certification to boot, unlike its predecessor.

We don’t mind this plastic-to-glass feel, as it allows for some intriguing pattern finishes, and helps to lower the weight that is bordering on ridiculous with today’s big glass phones. Moreover, you can toss it around without worrying it will crack and fracture, just what we’d expect from our midrangers – not to think and baby them as much as their expensive flagship siblings in the Galaxy line. 

Samsung Galaxy A72 vs Galaxy A71 specs, performance and battery life

Just like last year, Samsung will keep notifying you that this and that Galaxy phone has the next-gen cellular connectivity standard abilities by denoting it with ‘5G’ after the name, and the Galaxy A72 is no exception. Just like the Galaxy A71 5G before it, it is also available in both 4G LTE and 5G variants, with the latter mostly confined to the US and Samsung’s home turf, the nations with advanced 5G networks.
The non-5G, LTE version of the Galaxy A72 will likely be equipped with a Snapdragon 730 chipset that sits lower on Qualcomm’s 7-series processor totem pole, but the 5G model for the US is landing with a Snapdragon 750 model, so all is well. While it differs slightly from the more potent Snapdragon 765 in the Galaxy A71 5G, it still supports up to 192MP single cameras, 120Hz display refresh, and fast 5G downloads, so all is well. 

A 6GB RAM/128GB storage combo should be the start here, as it was for the Galaxy A71, while Samsung also offers a more palatable 8GB RAM/256GB storage version for only a Benjamin or so more, and that would be the wiser choice, especially on promo pricing.

Samsung isn’t mincing its intentions here, and has equipped the Galaxy A72 5G with the largest battery it offers on Galaxy phones sold west of China or India. A little birdy told us that this is the 5000mAh battery pack that the Galaxy S21 Ultra almighty is offering itself, and a welcome upgrade from the 4500mAh unit of its predecessor. Don’t expect much longer battery life compared to the Galaxy A71, though, as the higher display refresh and the 5G connectivity will make sure that surprises in the battery life department don’t happen.

On the other hand, Samsung is notorious with its fast charging standard that can top up the 5000mAh pack of the S21 Ultra for an hour and change just with the stock 25W charger, and since that’s the charging speed that the Galaxy A72 supports, it will be ready to go when you are, for nearly two days of average use on a charge, and a fast fill-up when you finally get to an outlet in Mary’s Gravy truck stop.

Samsung Galaxy A72 vs Galaxy A71 camera comparison

We are glad to report that the useless and gimmicky “depth” and even overkill 5MP macro cameras that the Galaxy A71 was forcing you to live with are gone from the Galaxy A72, and Samsung added the way more useful 8MP 2x telephoto cam, and a small-res but large in sensor size 2MP macro shot. 

The main 64MP sensor that offers pixel-binned 16MP shots, and the 12MP ultra-wide camera have stayed but we had no complaints about those to begin with. Despite that 50% of the Galaxy A71 quad-camera setup was there just for props, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of photos it is able to achieve with the other half, and the Galaxy A72 will be no exception. 

Samsung Galaxy A72 vs Galaxy A71 price

  • $549 vs $599 launch price for the 6GB/128GB version

All in all, the quad camera upgrade, the larger battery, and the high refresh rate added to the display are the most meaningful Galaxy A72 vs A71 updates that may force even some of you who have been eyeing the Galaxy S21 range to think twice. 

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