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Safari’s redesign is the best part of iOS 15 — FIGHT ME


With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in India, there’s nowhere for me to go and have an adventurous trip. So the only audacious step I could take within the confines of my home was to install the iOS 15 beta on my iPhone.

The new update brings a lot of goodies to the iPhone, including notification profiles, separate security updates, and FaceTime links. But personally, I think the update to the Safari browser experience is the best of the lot.

Let’s go through it step by step. First, Apple has shifted the address bar to the bottom. So it’s much easier to type out a site’s address, go to the back and forward pages, and have access to the tab switcher icon within reach. All of it makes one-handed operations a breeze.

Plus, you can switch between tabs by swiping on the address bar — just like you switch between apps on your iPhone. It’s pretty neat, and I’d use it frequently to quickly check the score of a game I’m following while reading an article. You can also pinch in anytime to see all open tabs in a grid.