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Rogue Company is the casual, stress-free shooter I needed right now


Hi-Rez Studios’ games have always managed to find a niche in the competitive landscape. From Smite, its god-themed MOBA, to Realm Royale, a fantasy take on the battle royale, Hi-Rez approaches popular competitive game genres with interesting ideas. In this case, Rogue Company is a 4v4, third-person, character-based shooter with a sense of humor. It’s a game where the team with the best positioning and ability coordination wins but it’s also a place where you can throw a katana at someone’s face and dance over their body.  

The game’s premise might sound familiar to Rainbow Six fans: Rogue Company is a paramilitary peacekeeping force comprised of a bunch of celebrity secret agents, murderous men and women that are the best of the best from their respective countries. It’s kind of like if each member of G.I. Joe had a million followers on Instagram. The 13 agents fall under the usual archetypes we’ve seen before: the reformed Yakuza who won’t button his shirt, the hacker with a LED face, the lady sniper in a stealth suit. There’s a vibe and aesthetic for everyone even if some are a little eye-rolly. 

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