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Roborock has just announced its newest smart vacuum (Sponsored)


While most of Roborock’s robotic vacuums are adept at both sweeping carpets and mopping hard-surface floors, the team at Roborock understands that not every user needs that mopping element. The S4 Max is designed specifically for users who simply need an intelligent vacuum. By focusing exclusively on sweeping, the S4 Max is able to provide Roborock’s premium cleaning tech at an even greater value.

Automated intelligence

Like many of the vacuums in Roborock’s lineup, the S4 Max uses LiDAR navigation to safely and efficiently traverse a living space. Multi-level mapping allows the S4 Max to understand the layout of each floor within your home, complete with walls, furniture, and other semi-permanent fixtures that could impede its path. Automatic room recognition allows the vacuum to identify which room is being cleaned, along with user-designated no-go zones and specialized cleaning areas. It can even adhere to room-specific cleaning schedules.

These schedules can be customized to be as granular as you’d like. For instance, you can set your S4 Max to clean based on specific times of the day, designated days of the week, a room-by-room basis, and by suction strength.

Finally, you can do even more with the official Roborock app. Set up to 10 no-go zones and 10 invisible walls on each level of your home. You can also monitor cleaning progress via a detailed map that shows where your S4 Max has cleaned and where it still needs to sweep.

Designed for power and efficiency

Roborock has just announced its newest smart vacuum (Sponsored) 2

Of course, intelligence is nothing without premium performance to back it up. The S4 Max is capable of producing 2000Pa of suction power via its floating main brush, making it great for picking up debris from hard floors and removing dirt from dense, low-pile carpets. As an added bonus, automatic carpet detection is able to identify carpeted areas and boost suction for a more thorough clean.

Inside the S4 Max sits a hefty 5200mAh battery that can power the vacuum for up to 150 minutes, allowing it to cover a 2700sqft space before returning to its cradle to recharge. It’s also packing a high-capacity 460ml dustbin that can endure multiple cleaning sessions before needing to be emptied.

Order a Roborock S4 Max today

Roborock has just announced its newest smart vacuum (Sponsored) 3

The brand new S4 Max is available for purchase at Amazon starting today. It comes in black and retails for $429.

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