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Revived horror game Devotion hits just as hard as ever


Red Candle Games’ excellent Taiwanese horror game Devotion has had an eventful two years. First released back in February 2019, Devotion was available on Steam for only six days before it was review-bombed after backlash from Chinese players when an in-game poster comparing Chinese President Xi Jinping to Winnie the Pooh was found plastered on the wall of a hallway. This led to an apology and explanation from Red Candle Games, but nevertheless resulted in it subsequently being taken down from Steam and the studio’s publisher having its business license revoked.

A year later there was still no word from Red Candle and, although a beautiful limited edition physical copy of the game was released the next year, Red Candle was determined to re-release the game back in the West when circumstances would allow it. Come July 2020, there were once again plans in place to release Devotion on GOG, but it was dropped once again hours after the announcement with GOG’s reasoning being that it had received “many messages from gamers.”

It’s been over two years since Devotion’s first release and, from the handful who did manage to play it before it was taken down, many said it was one of the best horror games of 2019. Anticipation for the game’s return to storefronts was evident from fans, and the good news is that Devotion is finally available to buy directly from Red Candle Games’ official website. So, after all this time of not being able to buy this indie cult horror game, is it still worth checking out? The answer is a resounding yes.

A creepy scene

(Image credit: Red Candle Games)

Given we’ve all been stuck inside for around a year now, a horror game that takes place entirely in a small apartment in 1980s Taiwan might be the last thing you’d want to play. But Devotion’s seemingly mundane household plays host to a terrifying domestic tale of ghosts, time travel, and more emotion than most horror games.

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