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Pucker Up: Camila Coelho’s Elaluz Lip Collection Has Launched!

Pucker Up: Camila Coelho's Elaluz Lip Collection Has Launched! 2

But most importantly, Elaluz was designed to be inclusive.

“I’m Brazilian. I come from a multicultural country. I know my multicultural Brazilian heritage. And I have such a global following as well,” says Coelho. “Over the years, I listened to so many comments and questions that would touch on, you know, ‘I love this concealer but unfortunately I can’t find my color’ or, ‘I love this product, I would love to try it but it didn’t work for me because of many reasons.’ I felt the need and the desire for Elaluz to be an inclusive brand in every single way with our products, in our team, in our photo shoots, in our campaigns. I want everyone to look at Elaluz and feel represented in a way. So I’m sure we’re gonna learn so much throughout the years, we’re not perfect, but we are willing to learn, we are willing to change. I want people to look at Elaluz and feel represented, so that’s one of our keys.”

As for Coelho, launching a new beauty line among all her other creative pursuits has made for a busy and challenging time, but she still makes time for self care. Coelho feels her mental health is important, and ensures she takes time each day to sit outside in the sun and feel connected to nature to help calm her mind. Another thing she does? Says Coleho, “If you’re, you know, feeling nervous, whatever it is, like, that’s kind of making your mind stressed, try the twenty second hug. Hugging someone for 20 seconds relieves stress, and it’s so crazy how well that works so every day I do that every single day.”

But she also makes sure to do a home spa day once a week, with a bath and hair mask, and a face mask when she can. “I love doing face masks at least once a week, sometimes it’s like scrubbing face masks, other times a sheet mask,” she says. “And in my bath water, I put Epsom salt. It’s a type of salt that you can find at pharmacies, that once it goes in really warm water, it kind of becomes kind of like ocean water, so that is amazing for your skin in general, and also for your face. I take a clean white face towel, and I wet it and I just keep dabbing it on my face like that clean Epsom salt hot water. And it’s amazing for your pores and also relaxes your body. 

“And I’ve been trying to take more care of my hair, my face. I’m not wearing too much makeup. I’m taking care of my skin, keeping it very hydrated. I have this one product that I love. It’s from NeoStrata. I’m doing that twice a week, every other day or twice a week. It’s made for people who have acne prone skin. It keeps my skin really controlled. When I use that it closes my pores and I really never get pimples.”

Elaluz’s first two products, the 24K Lip Therapy and Lip & Cheek Stain, are available now. Shop them both below!

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