Home > Gaming > Publisher sale highlight: Show off your game’s true colors with assets from Kronnectパブリッシャーセールハイライト:Kronnect のアセットを使って、求めていたゲームを形にしましょう

Publisher sale highlight: Show off your game’s true colors with assets from Kronnectパブリッシャーセールハイライト:Kronnect のアセットを使って、求めていたゲームを形にしましょう


Make your game pop with 50% off Kronnect’s stunning visual effects and Editor extensions

Whether you’re feeling inspired, looking for inspiration, or caught somewhere in between, there’s no better time to brighten your game’s aesthetic with vivid graphics and detailed effects from one of the Asset Store’s top publishers. Kronnect offers specialized tools and Editor extensions to polish digital images, bring out crisp colors, and breathe life into your environment. And now, Kronnect’s assets are on sale, so you can take advantage of this golden opportunity to step up your game with striking visuals.

The team at Kronnect has been fully committed to asset creation since 2015, and they recently solidified their spot as finalists at the Unity Awards 2020 for Asset Store Publisher of the Year. Their dedication to continue developing in Unity drives them to keep on innovating. As Kronnect’s founder, Ramiro Oliva, puts it, there are key questions that propel them forward: “What if we stretch the color range [further] so the images appear more intense? [Or,] if we reverse the blur caused by bilinear filtering?” 

Kronnect strikes a balance between rich visual elements and intuitive tools and templates. But don’t take our word for it – save 50% on Kronnect’s catalog of awesome assets from March 22–31, and grab Color Studio for free.


Get Color Studio for free

Want in on Kronnect’s impressive color palette before you buy? You now have the green light to download Color Studio for free until March 31. Grab the coupon code here.


Not sure which visual graphics will best capture your audience? Start by checking out these custom Kronnect assets:

Leverage highly optimized code, including GPU instancing, compute buffers and texture arrays, to create infinite worlds with Voxel Play. This powerful pack provides an accessible rule-based voxel engine for procedural environments – and a wholly integrated solution for sky, terrain, water and more.

Improve the visual quality of your scene with Beautify 2, a full-screen image post-processing suite. This add-on works on WebGL, mobile, 2D and 3D, to produce sharper images and effectively switch your game to high definition.

The latest update to this pack comprises a complete rewrite for the Universal Render Pipeline, which focuses on a more performant fog. This bundle also includes Volumetric Fog and Mist for Built-in Pipeline, as well as Dynamic Fog and Mist 2.

Create any number and size of fog-filled areas, including fog voids – 3D holes within the fog – and illuminate the fog with multiple light points. Additional features include “fog of war,” sun diffusion, and wind speed and direction.

Enjoy this four-in-one bundle of professional interactive map assets. This pack includes World Map Strategy Kit 2, a top tool for building strategy games based on real or fictional maps, as well as World Political Map Globe Edition 2, which brings an interactive 3D world map to your project in just a couple of clicks.


Whether you’re looking to amplify your project with Editor extensions or add in some sweet special effects, this limited-time Kronnect Publisher Sale will help bring out your game’s true colors. Save 50% on all Kronnect assets until March 31, and download Color Studio for free. Grab the coupon code here.

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