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Create a Professional Logo with DesignEvo

Create a professional logo for a company with DesignEvo

A logo acts almost as personal as a fingerprint because it stands as an unmistakable sign for your company. And such a symbol must also represent you and your work in terms of content.

That’s the reason why designing a logo is a not easier task even for a professional logo designer/graphic artist.

Unfortunately, this also can quickly cost several hundred dollars. Too much money for people who just want to try on a blog start their own business with mini-budget.

In this case, I suggest trying out the logo design tool “DesignEvo” for designing a cool custom logo yourself. DesignEvo is an easy-to-use web-based service that includes several useful functions to help you create an attractive logo from scratch.

Best if all, it works without registration and is compatible with almost all browsers.

Step by step instructions to make your own logo

To create a logo with DesignEvo, You need to click the “make a free logo” button on the DesignEvo’s home page. So you can browse 9000+ logo templates by selecting different categories according to your needs.

After selecting a which logo template you want to use, you can get started and begin your design process.

On the editing page that opens, you can use the DesignEvo editor to customize the selected logo: click on the Icon tab to search and replace the image used by default for creating the logo with another one; click on the Text tab to access the tools to add text to the logo or change the one already present; Click on the Shape tab to choose a shape in the various categories and use it for adorning the icon and click on the Background tab to change the background color of the logo.

Once you are satisfied with the result, simply tap Download to save your logo in a variety of packages. First of all, you can choose to download a low-resolution logo for free.

Besides, it is also available to choose a Basic plan of $24.99 to download the high-resolution JPG and PNG files. At last, you can download the plus complete set, which costs $49.99 and includes the vector files as well as the full ownership of the copyright of the logo.

Idea and tips for designing an attractive logo

  • Less is more. A good logo does not have to be complicated, neither in shape nor in color.
  • Your logo, your decision. Although you should take the above tips and mistakes to heart, it is still important not to disregard your own will.
  • A logo is an investment that should last for many years. Do not save it, because this thrift could ultimately bring more costs.
  • You will eventually have to replace a cheap, failed, qualitatively unsatisfactory project and then pay for the new design again or spend time.

Finishing up

DesignEvo is a Web application that will allow you to create a professional logo online in a relaxed, fast way by offering a wide range of templates, icons, fonts, shapes and color sets.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and take a look and try out DesignEvo now! I am sure this free logo maker will be useful for you to create custom logos using your personal computer or your smartphone.

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