Our Commitment to Privacy

Your privacy is a priority for us atLicensetoBlog.com. SPAM is what neither you nor we like. That’s why, we don’t share or sell your information. Out of our respect for your rights to privacy, we always try our level best to safeguard sensitive information voluntarily disclosed by you. In the best interest of those who will use our platform for blogging, reading and sharing knowledge, we are issuing the notice explaining in detail about our online information receiving and retrieval practices. This privacy notice reveals our privacy practices for digital marketing Ninja and applies to details collected via the platform.

Collection, Use and Sharing of Information

Being the sole owner of LicensetoBlog.com, we have access to your information that you voluntarily provide us through email or other contact details. We don’t rent, sell or share your information with anyone else. If you contact us for any query or other purposes, we get back to you by using information that you voluntarily disclosed to us. We pledge not to share your details with any third party, who or which is not a part of our organization, other than as necessary to meet your request (for example, to deliver an order).

Contact Form

In order to contact you, it’s must for a user to fill up a contact form first. A user must, while completing the form, disclose certain information including name and email address. We will use this information to get back to you about the products/services on our webpage, whatever you are interested in. At your discretion, you may reveal demographic information such as your age, gender etc though it’s optional.



LicensetoBlog.com contains links to other websites. It’s important, on your part, to note that we cannot be held liable for the privacy practices and contents of such sites. We urge and encourage our users to read the privacy details of other sites that require and collect personally identifiable information.

Email Policy

  • LicensetoBlog.com has a stringent NO-SPAM policy and sticks to it religiously.
  • LicensetoBlog.com never trades or sells your email address to any third party.
  • LicensetoBlog.com sends commercial email messages to the users being in a pre-existing business relationship with us. If a user has participated in any of our surveys, polling or events or purchased from us, the action performed will be considered as pre-existing relationship with us. At any time, a user can cut off free email services by going through the simple steps as follows:

LicensetoBlog.com collects user information in the following ways:

LicensetoBlog.com provides the following free services, requiring the users to voluntarily submit personal information:

Electronic Newsletters (Dispatches)

We provide electronic newsletter to our users. LicensetoBlog.com collects email addresses of users who subscribe voluntarily. At any point of time, a user can opt out of subscription by clicking on the link placed at the bottom of every newsletter.


LicensetoBlog.com, in some situations, may conduct a polling session for our users. The poll can be organized on any current topic or topics that encourage different users to engage among them and share their valuable thoughts with others.


LicensetoBlog.com may occasionally conduct surveys to target the content and trigger our audiences’ interest. With LicensetoBlog.com, you, as a user, need not worry about your privacy as your details will never be shared with or sold to any third party.


Your computer system contains browser files wherein, LicensetoBlog.com may place a text file “cookie”. It does not hold any kind of personal information though it will enable us to relate your use of our platform to information that you disclosed at your own will. A cookie cannot read data from your computer system nor can it read files created by any third party site. LicensetoBlog.com uses cookies to keep a track of any user’s traffic pattern.

You can turn off cookies in your browser setting in order to refuse cookies. In that case, you will receive a warning message about turning on cookies every time you open LicensetoBlog.com.


LicensetoBlog.com runs very safe and secured data networks that are heavily safeguarded by industry-standard firewalls. We use a highly protected and heavily secured password system that does not allow anyone, except the authorized person, to decode it.

Users’ Consent

When you use LicensetoBlog.com, you automatically give your consent to the collection and uses of your information by us. If at any point of time, we choose to change our privacy policy for improved user experience, we will notify you by updating the details on your website so that no information is hidden from our beloved users.