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PopSockets vs phone ring holders vs phone kickstands – best choice for you?


As smartphones became way past “phones” and more of an integral part of our lives, their designs really haven’t changed that much over the last decade. Sure, we’re getting less buttons and ports, more screen, but smartphones are what many people use for all of their digital activities, so they should be more convenient to hold and prop-up.And here come the smartphone accessories, all kinds of colorful cases of varying functionality, from offering drop protection, or a built-in kickstand, to cases that are all about being ridiculous. But cases have to be specially made to fit your phone, so your choices are limited, unless you’re packing one of the more popular smartphones.So, universal accessories are the way to go. Let’s take a look at some of our options that conveniently attach to any phone’s back, to then either allow you to hold it easier, or prop it up for watching YouTube and participating in video calls.

Phone ring holders

Buy a metal phone ring holder on Amazon

Ring holders are wildly popular with smartphone fanatics and rightfully so, they offer double the functionality – both a kickstand and a ring for holding the phone effortlessly. There is also a massive variety of phone ring holder designs available out there, so if you want a colorful, eye-catching one, or a highly minimalistic and industrial-looking one, circular or square, you’ll find it. Just be sure to choose a high-quality metal one, like the one linked above.

Phone kickstands

Buy the Spigen U100 Universal Kickstand on Amazon

Why buy an entire phone case with a kickstand, that will make your phone thicker and feel worse, when the Spigen U100 Universal Kickstand exists? After trying many of the available options, this is the kickstand that’s currently on my phone, but to be fair, there aren’t that many quality universal phone kickstands out there anyway. Stick it near the center of the back of your smartphone and you get yourself a kickstand that looks and feels nice and premium, and doesn’t get in the way when closed. Pushing your fingernail under a dedicated lip on it will automatically launch the spring-loaded kickstand, while a magnet keeps it closed when not needed.


Buy a standard PopSocket on Amazon

Arguably the most convenient way to hold your phone is with a PopSocket, if you don’t mind a slightly thicker accessory. For those who are phone-in-hand all the time, the added ergonomics by a PopSocket could be a massive quality of life improvement.

What’s currently on your phone? Let us know in the comments!

As mentioned, I’m currently rocking the Spigen kickstand, and have been for about 3 months. Even though my smartphone is large, holding it was never an issue for me, but having the ability to prop it up for watching, say, Netflix, has been great. Are you’re using one of the above-mentioned accessories, or plan on it?

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