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PM’s comments on Ladakh in sync with foreign ministerial conversation with China


New Delhi: The PM’s comments at the All Party Meet (APM) on LAC incidents which are being misinterpreted by certain quarters is, however, in sync with message that India conveyed to the Chinese side when External Affairs Minister spoke with Foreign Minister Wang Yi earlier this week.

India made it clear to China on Wednesday that the Galwan will have a “serious impact on the bilateral relationship” unless Beijing made a quick reassessment and took “corrective” measures.

External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar conveyed this strong message to his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi, asking him to ensure that the June 6 consensus on de-escalation agreed at the Corps Commander level be “scrupulously” and “sincerely” implemented. He also asked Wang to ensure Chinese troops strictly follow protocols laid out in bilateral agreements dealing with the LAC.

“At the conclusion of the discussion, it was agreed that the overall situation would be handled in a responsible manner, and both sides would implement the disengagement understanding of 6 June sincerely. Neither side would take action to escalate matters and instead, ensure peace and tranquility as per bilateral agreements and protocols,” said the MEA in a statement.

Further, Jaishankar told his Chinese counterpart that while a structure erected by the Chinese PLA in Galwan valley became a source of dispute, there was no justification for Chinese troops to undertake “pre-meditated and planned action that was directly responsible for the resulting violence and casualties”.

That in itself, Jaishankar told Wang, “reflected an intent to change the facts on ground in violation of all our agreements to not change the status quo”

The Prime Minister was clear at the APM that India would respond firmly to any attempts to transgress the Line of Actual Control (LAC). In fact, he specifically emphasized that in contrast to the past neglect of such challenges, Indian forces now decisively counter any violations of LAC

The APM was also informed that this time, Chinese forces have come in much larger strength to the LAC and that the Indian response is commensurate. As regards transgression of LAC, it was clearly stated that the violence in Galwan on 15 June arose because Chinese side was seeking to erect structures just across the LAC and refused to desist from such actions.

The Prime Minister’s observations that there was no Chinese presence on the Indian side of the LAC pertained to the situation as a consequence of the bravery of Indian armed forces.

What is Indian territory is clear from the map of India. This Government is strongly and resolutely committed to that. Insofar as there is some illegal occupation, the APM was briefed in great detail how over the last 60 years, more than 43,000 sq.km has been yielded under circumstances with which this country is well aware. It was also made clear that this government will not allow any unilateral change of the LAC.

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