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Pitting Star Wars against Star Trek in Star Wars: Empire at War


With the news of more Star Wars games on the way from developers other than EA, we’re republishing this 2017 battle between the titans in the underrated Star Wars: Empire at War.

Trek Wars: Revival is a mod by Captain Kavok that lets you add Star Trek factions to Empire at War, Petroglyph’s excellent Star Wars RTS. So if you’ve ever wondered if a fleet of Galaxy-class Federation starships could take down a Star Destroyer—and, honestly, who hasn’t—you can play that scenario out in the game’s fast-paced skirmish mode. The perfect opportunity, I thought, to pit a selection of iconic Star Wars and Star Trek factions against each other in a series of epic space battles.

United Federation of Planets versus Rebel Alliance

Our first battle takes place above the desert planet of Tatooine. I begin by sending my shuttles to capture two nearby asteroids so I can generate credits. Doing so as early as possible is key to victory in Empire at War’s skirmish mode. The Rebels send a small team of X-wing scouts into my territory, but my station’s automated defences chase them away. When I have enough credits, I build a couple of Miranda-class starships to protect my asteroids. Growing bolder, the Rebels send in more X-wings, but I swat them away easily. 

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