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PC Gamer UK August Issue: Total War: Warhammer 3


Once more unto the breach, dear readers, once more! A massive new issue of PC Gamer has formed up along the walls of your local newsagent, reviews glittering in the sunshine, features fluttering in the breeze. At the head of this glorious word army stands the mighty Total War: Warhammer III. We dispatched envoys to Creative Assembly to parley about the series’ advance into the Realms of Chaos, and to learn the secrets behind the game’s new units, which include giant bears.

Protecting the flanks of our cover story are two brave and noble features. On the right flank, the mighty warriors of the world’s first all-female videogame tournament speak to us about making history. On the left, the co-op shooter Rainbow Six Extraction (formerly known as Quarantine) stands stalwart against a vicious new alien foe.

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