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Overwatch crossplay is a confusing mess so far


Hey, did you know crossplay came to Overwatch this week? For the first time since its 2016 release, it’s now possible to group up with console/PC buds and hop into any mode (as long as it’s not Competitive). If you’re a PC player, you’ve probably been playing with console players for days without knowing.

I don’t blame you for not noticing. It’s surprisingly hard to tell which players in your lobby are playing on a different platform, and the rules for when platforms can play together are way more complicated than virtually every other crossplay game out there. It’s already causing a fair bit of confusion in the community. The most common misunderstanding so far happens when console players match up with PC players and are pleasantly surprised that the game still feels balanced against mouse-and-keyboard users. In reality, most of these players aren’t actually playing against PC players at all, they just think they are because Overwatch’s UI is obtuse.

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