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Outdoor Innovations The Pathfinder tent fits up to 6 people


Want to make camping trips with family or friends easier? Then check out this cool camping tent. It’s lightweight, easy to set up, and divides into pieces for easy carry. Keep reading to learn how this practical tent can make your forays into the great outdoors a breeze.

Enjoy easier camping with the Outdoor Innovations The Pathfinder versatile tent. This practical camping tent weighs only about 10 pounds and has room for up to 6 people. Best of all, it divides for simple carrying. It’s just the gadget for effortless mountainside camping.

Outdoor Innovations The Pathfinder outdoors

When you’re hiking to a remote campsite, you don’t want to worry about carrying and setting up your tent. Yet, for so many types of tents, carry and setup are real issues. Luckily, The Pathfinder is different. This helpful 4-season tent weighs about 10 pounds and can be divided for easier carrying. Let’s take a look at it.

This practical camping tent is super easy to set up and has room for up to 6 people Outdoor Innovations The Pathfinder versatile tent
Outdoor Innovations The Pathfinder

Choose a tent that’s lightweight

When you’re backpacking to a campsite, you want your gear to be as lightweight as possible. For that reason, backpacking experts say that the average camping tent should weigh about 2 pounds per person. Since this practical camping tent only weighs about 10 pounds and houses 4–6 people, it’s well within the ideal range.

Outdoor Innovations The Pathfinder versatile tent
Outdoor Innovations The Pathfinder in blue

Accommodate 4–6 people in 1 tent

Camping is always more fun with a group. And luckily, The Pathfinder accommodates four to six people. That makes it great for small to large families and groups of friends. Also, when you’re trekking to your campsite with your besties, you’ll only have to carry one tent to fit everyone. Even better, you won’t have to waste time setting up multiple tents that only sleep two people.

Outdoor Innovations The Pathfinder versatile tent
Outdoor Innovations The Pathfinder’s interior

Get easy setup with this lightweight tent

One hang-up of the typical tent is that it can be quite complicated to set up, particularly if it’s large. In fact, sometimes, you might spend so much time pitching your tent(s) that you miss your chance to go fishing or foraging for greens. With this practical camping tent, that’s not an issue. It sets up easily and quickly—in about five minutes—letting you enjoy the great outdoors.

Divide the load with this versatile tent

Typical tents can also be quite unwieldy, and many aren’t suitable for backpacking. For tents like these, you’re limited to campsites that you can access with a car. But The Pathfinder was made for trekking. In addition to its low weight, this versatile tent also divides for easier carry. That way, you and your friends can each carry a small piece of the tent down the mountain. This allows you to keep your car in the parking lot so you can explore.

Remove the rooftop or raise it up or down

What’s more, the rooftop gives you even more flexibility. For instance, if you’re just camping with one other person, you can choose to remove it entirely. Conversely, if you decide that you need that roof, it’s easy to put it back up.

Add an inner tent

This practical camping tent has no floor. This is great if you like sleeping on the bare earth. And it’s also ideal for adding a protective inner tent. In fact, Outdoor Innovations also sells an Inner Tent with its own floor and mosquito netting. So you could have built-in bite protection right in your tent.

Keep organized thanks to 8 large pockets

When you’re camping, you need to have essential items close by. Flashlights, batteries, water bottles, and more should all stay with you in your tent. And to keep your and your friends’ gear organized, The Pathfinder has eight large pockets in its interior. So you won’t have to worry about potentially misplacing your water-repellent jacket inside the tent.

Choose a durable tent

With its 240-280T 30D ripstop, PU/silicon-coated nylon, there’s not too much that can damage this practical camping tent. That means prickly brush and tree branches are no match for The Pathfinder. You can set up this tent with the assurance that this useful gadget can stand up to heavy use.

Feel confident no matter the elements

The Pathfinder is more than 1,200 mm water repellent. So this tent should be able to withstand rainy days. What’s more, it’s also fire retardant, so you won’t have to worry about stray embers from your campfire igniting it. Overall, it’s a tent that keeps your comfort and safety in mind.

This practical camping tent is great for your backpacking adventures. It’s lightweight, sleeps up to six people, and divides for easy carry. Plus, it sets up in about five minutes, letting you devote more time to what you love about camping. If you like hiking to your campsite and camping with a group, this is the tent for you.

The Outdoor Innovations The Pathfinder versatile tent typically costs $399. You can get it for $359 on the official website. What sorts of gadgets do you use while camping? Let us know about them in the comments.

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