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Only 39% of Americans would switch to an EV — here’s why


A recent study by Pew Research Center shows that Americans are almost evenly divided over phasing out internal combustion engine vehicles by 2035. Specifically, 47% US adults support the proposal, while 51% oppose it.

Similarly, there are mixed feelings over switching from a gas or diesel car to an electric vehicle. 39% of Americans surveyed are likely to consider buying an EV for their next car, and a slightly higher 46% would stick to a conventional vehicle.

So which are the factors determining  consumer choice?

Pros and Cons of EVs

In terms of reliability and driving experience about half of the public (49% and 62%, respectively) sees very little difference between EVs and gasoline-powered cars. Americans also agree on the main incentive and drawback: environmental benefit vs. cost.

Roughly two-thirds (67%) say that EVs are better for the environment, while an almost same share (66%) say that they have a higher price.

Credit: Pew Research Center