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OEMs Asset Management | Know Why?

OEMs Asset Management | Know Why? 1

Asset management tools have revolutionized the way several industries operate. These industries include OEMs, banks, healthcare industries, automobile manufacturers, and more. Since the evolution of asset management systems, these industries have completely transitioned to a systematic approach, allowing them to explore more and more opportunities for their business growth.

Here, in this piece of article, we are going to share with you the answer to why you should get your own asset management system if you are running OEMs.

Before we move on, at Aspen Field service we have helped many OEMs and banks to automate & streamline their entire process. This not only helped them grow their business, but also land more and more revenu. So, if you are considering getting an asset management system for your OEM, you must not think twice and go for it. You will find why below in the section below.

Reasons why your OEM needs a systematic asset management system like Aspen Field Services

i) Asset management

ii) Asset wear and tear report

iii) Asset Valuation

Iv) Increased dealer satisfaction

i) Asset Management

As clear by its name, asset management system is a systematic way of managing your assets. If you are running an OEM business, you have several assets or equipment that you need to monitor and manage. With a well defined asset management software, you can easily do that with a centralized unit at your disposal.

ii) Asset Wear & Tear Report

Another thing that these asset management software are good for is to analyze and monitor these assets for any wear and tear that might have occurred during its lease. These are the things that need to be checked for proper evaluation of the asset. Using the asset management system, you can sit back while the mechanic works on it and send you a proper report.

iii) Asset Valuation

Another reason why it is a good idea for OEMs to have a proper asset management system is to find the right valuation of the asset they have. This fully automated systems will help you get the report on the entire health of the equipment delivering reports including asset portfolio, wear & tear summary with repair cost and equipment valuation.

This system usually takes months for an OEM business. Thanks to the new automated and efficient asset management systems like Aspen Field Services, you can reduce this time and put the asset/equipment for lease again in days rather than months. This will not only help you build stronger dealer relationships but will also give you a new scope of increased revenue. These systems are designed in a very precise way which reduces any chance of negligence. Since you are not involved in any of these steps, you can work on bringing in more business for your company rather than focusing on the old one.

Isn’t it cool? These are some of the reasons why your OEM business should have its own automated asset management system. If you wanna know more about these, you can simply get in touch with us.

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