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Nintendo’s OLED Switch is going to force handheld PCs makers to step up their game


The Nintendo Switch is getting an upgrade, according to a series of surprise tweets from the Nintendo Twitter account. The Nintendo Switch OLED model will feature a colorful 7-inch OLED display and a host of new (though small) hardware updates like bigger storage (64GB), an adjustable and wider kickstand, and even a built-in Ethernet port (a first for a Nintendo console). It leaves us thinking anyone competing in the handheld gaming space may need to rethink their plans and take some cues from what’s made the Switch so successful for the past four years.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

We have seen a couple of earnest attempts at shrinking gaming PCs down to handheld proportions to achieve gaming on the go, like the GDP Win 3 handheld gaming console, the OneNetbook OneXplayer, and Alienware’s Concept UFO. While the notion of being able to play anything in your Steam library on the bus or train is super appealing. The balancing act of playing those games at an acceptable frame rate, decent enough resolution while keeping the battery alive long enough to actually enjoy those same games is a challenge we’ve yet to see one really meet.

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