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Must-have bikes and eScooters for daily commuters » Gadget Flow

Must-have bikes and eScooters for daily commuters » Gadget Flow

If you’re tired of sitting in traffic during your commute to and from work every day, you might want to consider switching your means of transport. The latest bikes and scooters out there are impressive and can get you where you need to be faster and with less stress. Have a look at today’s roundup of must-have bikes and scooters to see how it’s possible.

If you’ve been looking into alternative transportation lately, you’ll have noticed that there are quite a few options. First of all, there are scores of eBikes. Many are lightweight, which makes them easy to carry up and down the steps to work or your apartment. And some are even foldable, meaning you can store them in your office or take them on the bus when you need to.

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And about eScooters, there are a lot of those, too. It’s impressive how the powerful motors of some make going up hills a breeze. No matter how you want to get to work these days, we’ve got some excellent ideas for you in today’s roundup of must-have bikes and eScooters for daily commuters.


Zooz bikes Urban Ultralight High-Performance eBike

First up on our list of must-have bikes and scooters is the Zooz bikes Urban Ultralight High-Performance eBike. This bike is great for city riders and comes in three versions, giving you the style and the performance you want.

Canyon Precede:ON CF 9 Urban eBikes

You’ll get fast acceleration and a natural-feeling pedal assist with the Canyon Precede:ON CF 9 Urban eBikes. The motor is a Bosch Performance Line CX motor, and both models have a 500 Wh battery.

Phat Scooters PHLEET Commuter eBike

Get to work easily with the Phat Scooters PHLEET Commuter eBike. This eBike travels up to 70 miles on just one charge, making it an excellent choice for longer distances. It’s also simple to ride in traffic and comes with several safety features.

Superstrata Unibody Carbon Fiber Bicycle

Another unique item on our must-have bikes and scooters list is the Superstrata Unibody Carbon Fiber Bicycle. A custom 3D print design, this eBike is ideal for city commutes since it’s both lightweight and incredibly strong. Plus, it’s a bike you can tailor to your size.

Superstrata Unibody Carbon Fiber Bicycle

Superstrata Unibody Carbon Fiber Bicycle in a Room

Rad Power Bikes RadMission 1 Electric Metro Bike

A convenient bike to ride to work is the Rad Power Bikes RadMission 1 Electric Metro Bike. This easy-to-ride eBike comes with a 500-watt motor that gives you 50 Nm of torque. This means you’ll always get a smooth, pleasant ride. It also travels for 45 miles on a single charge.

Gogoro Eeyo 1 Lightweight eBike

A stylish, modern eBike option on our list of must-have bikes and scooters is the Gogoro Eeyo 1 Lightweight eBike. Its minimalist, carbon fiber design is what makes this bike so lightweight and easy to carry. The Eeyo 1 can reach a maximum speed of 19 miles per hour and travels for 40 miles on one charge.

Halfbike 3 Compact Standing Bike

This tiny eBike gives you a new way to travel through traffic. On the Halfbike 3 Compact Standing Bike, you’ll stand as you ride. Featuring an ergonomic design, it’s comfortable, easy to operate, and folds to a compact size.

Tern Node D8 Urban Folding Bicycle

Another great eBike that you can fold is the Tern Node D8 Urban Folding Bicycle. You can ride this bike to your bus stop and easily fold it before you get on. And the one-size-fits-all design is suitable for riders from 4’10” to 6′ 5″, so multiple family members can use it.

Mokumono Delta Sportive Commuter Bike

Get around town quickly and easily with the Mokumono Delta Sportive Commuter Bike. This daily traveler’s bicycle features parts from some of the world’s best manufacturers. Its design is lightweight and comfortable. Also, heat-dispersing pads ensure that the brakes work correctly in rainy weather.


Phat Scooters HD Electric Scooter

Enjoy easy balance and stability thanks to the wide wheels on the Phat Scooters HD Electric Scooter. This electric scooter has a powerful motor that can handle hills. Also, the front and rear suspensions give you a smooth ride at any speed.

GOTRAXX Xr Ultra Foldable Electric Scooter

Ride at 15.5 miles per hour with the GOTRAXX Xr Ultra Foldable Electric Scooter. This folding scooter lets you travel up to 16 miles on a single charge and has an impressive 300-watt motor that will give you the power to get up hills. It’s another great item on our list of must-have bikes and eScooters.

Levy Electric Swappable-Battery Scooters

Speed up your commute with the Levy Electric Swappable-Battery Scooters. These scooters come with a Panasonic lithium-ion battery that you can swap to travel for longer and farther than you can with most eScooters.

Gogoro VIVA Ultralight Smart Scooter

Get around the city the easy way with the Gogoro VIVA Ultralight Smart Scooter. It weighs just 80 kilograms, or 176 pounds, making it a commuter scooter that’s easier to handle than most. The design is classic and fun with the capsule headlights and 70s color scheme.

Segway Ninebot KickScooter ES2 Upgraded Mobility Scooter

Another of our must-have bikes and eScooters is the Segway Ninebot KickScooter ES2 Upgraded Mobility Scooter. It makes commuting easier if you’re sick of sitting in traffic but live too far from the office to walk. This Segway scooter has a maximum speed of 15.5 mph and can take you up to 15 miles on one charge.

unu Scooter Smart Electric Vehicle

Enjoy a motor that’s completely silent with the unu Scooter Smart Electric Vehicle. This eco-friendly scooter uses an electric battery that’s portable and charges in a regular outlet. What’s more, this scooter can travel about 59 kilometers before it needs to recharge.

Unagi Scooters Model One Personal Electric Scooter

Another great eScooter for city living is the Unagi Scooters Model One Personal Electric Scooter. You can customize it in a range of colors. This commuter gadget has gear settings that allow you to select a maximum speed, preventing injury.

As a city dweller myself, I can’t think of easier ways to get around than the must-have bikes and eScooters on this list. Tell us about your favorites, or if you already have one, in the comments.

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