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Musk has hinted at Tesla’s Indian entry for 4 years now — just do it already!


Today, headlines are awash with articles about an Elon Musk tweet in which he said his electric vehicle company would be entering the Indian market next year. This isn’t the first time Tesla has teased that it’s be heading into the Asian nation, and yet it’s still not there; let’s take a look at what’s going on.

Last night, in a thread below a tweet from tech YouTuber MKBHD, Elon Musk replied to an Indian Tesla fan page saying the company would be in the country “next year for sure.”

But y’know, this is Elon, he does have a reputation for saying things are coming that take way longer to arrive than he suggests. So we should view this latest assertion as no different to the string of previous times that he’s said Tesla “would be in India soon.”

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News that the EV maker was looking to break the Indian market surfaced about four years ago, when the company opened up pre-orders for its Model 3 vehicle in the nation. While some Indian citizens report having made pre-orders, India is no longer listed as a delivery destination on Tesla’s website.

It also started taking pre-orders for Ireland, Singapore, South Korea, and New Zealand, around the same time. These are all currently listed on Tesla’s site.

It’s worth noting as well, that 2016 news spawned from another Elon Musk tweet, in which he promised Model 3 order pages for a bunch of countries. Brazil, India, and South Africa were also mentioned, but at present, aren’t live on Tesla’s website as delivery destinations.

However, according to the Model 3 pre-order page via the wayback machine, India, Brazil, and South Africa were all available. In fact, the Model 3 launch page accepted pre-orders from 49 countries, however, Tesla’s website today only regionalizes itself for service in 34 countries. While pre-order and service regions aren’t exactly the same thing, Tesla can’t deliver cars where there’s no formal sales or service agreement with the specific country.