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Mumbai: Head of International Sufi Caravan suggests 15-point programmes for peace and prosperity in Jammu and Kashmir | India News

Mumbai: Head of International Sufi Caravan suggests 15-point programmes for peace and prosperity in Jammu and Kashmir | India News 2

MUMBAI: Noted Mumbai-based Sufi scholar, head of International Sufi Caravan and President, All India Ilm wa Hunar Foundation, Mufti Manzoor Ziyaee has suggested a 15-point formula to end “sense of alienation” of the Kashmiris and pave the way for prosperity in Jammu and Kashmir.
In his letter, Mufti Ziyaee who also runs Madrassa Faizan-e-Raza at Goregaon West has said that, as a concerned citizen of India, he wants the historically and geographically important Kashmir valley to prosper and for which he has certain ideas and thoughts which he would like to share with the countrymen, especially the rulers in Delhi.
He said that Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), Gilgit Baltistan are inseparable parts of India. “We are currently concerned about Jammu and Kashmir which has suffered immensely in the past many decades due to wrong policies of the government in the past and selfish attitude of some political families in the valley. A section of the people here harbour a deep sense of alienation and their genuine grievances need to be addressed,” said Ziyaee.
He added that the most important job is to restore the faith of Kashmiris in India and link the valley with the rest of the country emotionally, socially and politically. “A series of programmes and policies aimed at integrating the people of J & K with the rest of India should be initiated. Small and big meetings should also be held in Delhi and other cities and towns of India explaining why Kashmiris’ welfare is with India. Kashmiri students studying and businessmen in different cities, and should be made to feel that they belong to India and India belongs to them,” he said.
Educational system in the valley has collapsed and, Ziyaee suggested, a chain of educational institutions should be established in the entire Union Territory. He further said Kashmiri students should be encouraged and helped to get admission in educational and technical institutions across the country.
He suggested that the healthcare facilities and infrastructure for hospitals and dispensaries and medical research centres and colleges should be opened in the valley. “Private hospitals and research centres should be encouraged to open their units in the valley too,” he said.
Local industries, agro-business, horticulture in the valley should be promoted. Local produce and fruits and vegetables should be bought from Kashmiri farmers at the right price. This will help improve the local economy.
Mufti Ziayee also mentioned the tradition of handicrafts in Kashmir and suggested that incentives to people engaged in handicrafts and skills must be encouraged. Kashmir shawls, kahwa, fruits are very much in demand and there should be an attempt to promote the local industries, especially its handicrafts and horticulture.
Kashmir badly needs improvement in means of communication, road and rail transports,” said Ziyaee. Linking Kashmir with rest of the country through improved transport is a need of the hour, he said.
Ziyaee who is head of International Sufi Caravan said that Kashmir is a land of Sufis, saints, mystics and holy men and women and services of hermits, Sufis, mystics should be taken to improve communal harmony and peace in the valley.
Slamming the traditionally corrupt politicians of the valley, the Mufti said that a new, dynamic leadership rooted in India’s nationalism and patriotism should be promoted. The new political forces should be concerned about the genuine issues of the Kashmiris.
He also suggested that funds allotted for development of Jammu and Kashmir should be spent prudently. He advised check and balance to the funds sent by the Centre for development of the valley.
Ziyaee said that the Kashmiri people should be told in no uncertain terms that Article 370 and 35 A are things of the past and the future of Kashmiris lies with India. They should use the democratic spaces made available by the Constitution of India and exercise their democratic rights. Terrorism, extremism and fundamentalism will not take the people anywhere.
Recalling the formula of Kashmiriat, Hindustaniat and Insaniat given by former PM Atal Behari Vajpayee, Mufit Ziayee said we need to go back to the formula and bring the disaffected elements back to the dialogue table. He also emphasized the need to rehabilitate the Kashmiri Pandits in the valley.
There is a huge problem that widows face in the valley. The women lost their husbands either in operations of security agencies or were killed by the terrorists. Husbands of many women are missing. Such people are called half-dead. He promised help to solve the problems these widows face.
Mufti Ziyaee also promised help in bringing the disaffected and misguided youths back into the national mainstream. He said the future of Kashmiri youths lies in a strong, united India.

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