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Mortal Kombat doesn’t have a guy yelling ‘Mortal Kombat!’ but it’s still a pretty good time


In the fiction of this new Mortal Kombat film, I like to imagine there’s a whole crew of workers hired by thunder god Raiden to set up the lighting for the tournament arena. Floodlights with colored gel filters to set the mood. Torches for ambiance. Maybe a few big honkin’ spotlights to make sure everyone knows it’s fight night. It must’ve been as disappointing for them as it was for me when the fighters decided not to bother waiting for an arena and just starting killing each other in whatever dark alley, dark temple, or dark house they happened to be in at the time. The lighting union will not forget this betrayal!

Whether to help hide its CG effects or to set a dark and serious tone, the new Mortal Kombat seems to take place almost exclusively at night. It even begins in a deeply shaded forest in feudal Japan, telling the origin story of the warriors who will eventually become Scorpion and Sub-Zero. In this telling, Scorpion is a master ninja and kind father named Hanzo Hasashi; Sub-Zero is a Chinese killer named Bi-Han, who is, for reasons unexplained, obsessed with ending Hasashi’s bloodline.

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