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LyteHorse electric stand-up ATV goes 40 MPH, tows 1000 LBS


If you’ve ever dreamed of an electric standing vehicle that can handle rough terrain, you’re in luck! LyteHorse is on the way and just might be the most advanced electric stand-up ATV in the world. It boasts a myriad of impressive specs and features and a range of different uses. Come see what LyteHorse has to offer.

Coming in hot from LyteHorse Labs is a new all-electric stand-up ATV. This high-tech all-terrain vehicle packs a ton of incredible features, from its ability to tow up to 1000 lbs to its ability to traverse rugged terrain at speeds up to 40 mph. The LyteHorse isn’t just about recreation either. Its broad spectrum of uses includes commercial, industrial, and even defense settings. Interested in electric or all-terrain vehicles? This is something you’re sure to want to keep your eye on. Let’s take a closer look at this fantastic machine.

LyteHorse electric stand-up ATV handles rugged terrain

LyteHorse electric stand-up ATV sports tough, high-tech hardware

The LyteHorse harnesses a robust design and powerful specs that help it get the job done. For example, it weighs in at 600 lbs but is capable of towing up to 1000 lbs. LyteHorse can also reach speeds of up to 40 mph and 80 miles in range. The vehicle uses a 2WD/4WD drivetrain and offers maximum stability and traction. Zero emissions are an extra benefit of the all-electric build.

Its quiet, waterproof design is perfect for rugged outdoor activities

Whether you’re a hunter, photographer, or wildlife biologist, LyteHorse offers a new opportunity to traverse rugged terrain a little faster and easier. Its quiet design will lessen your sound profile while the cleaner nature of electric vehicles reduces your carbon footprint. Planning to go deeper in? LyteHorse’s compact size helps you reach places traditional trucks and cars are unable to navigate. It’s even waterproof up to 2 feet.

LyteHorse electric stand-up ATV in action

LyteHorse is comfortable to ride and easy to learn

The LyteHorse electric ATV has a tough image. Of course, it doesn’t mean it isn’t designed with your comfort in mind. The vehicle includes a butt rest and seat combination so that you can find a position suitable for your needs. There’s also a simple learning curve, so no need to worry; it isn’t complicated!

LyteHorse doesn’t just do traditional outdoor settings. In fact, it’s perfect for industrial sites and urban defense too. The electric ATV is ideal for getting around rough and messy construction sites. It’s exceptionally effective, however, in urban environments. Law enforcement will find it much easier (and safer) to navigate the sometimes complicated terrain of big cities. They’ll have a higher view of their surroundings while being able to step on and off quickly. LyteHorse’s website states that law enforcement will uniquely connect with their communities in ways not previously experienced. Don’t be surprised if you see LyteHorse prowling the streets soon.

Traverse rugged terrain up to 40 MPH and tow 1000 LBS in this electric stand-up ATV
LyteHorse electric stand-up ATV functions in urban environments

A phenomenal electric stand-up ATV that’s worth the wait

LyteHorse Labs is clearly making a vehicle that’s sure to have ATV enthusiasts and professionals alike excited about its arrival. People from all walks of life will be able to find reasons to get off their feet using the LyteHorse electric ATV. Between its ability to handle harsh terrain emissions-free, its high-end build quality, and a plethora of options and accessories, this is the one to watch.

The LyteHorse electric stand-up ATV is coming soon. More information is available on the official website.

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