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Lightkey helps write faster emails by basically doing the writing for you


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TLDR: Lightkey Pro studies how you write, then predicts what you’ll write next up to 12 words so you can add it to your emails and documents with just a click.

There’s a reason answering emails starts to feel like shoveling snow during a Minnesota January. The moment you think you’re finished, you turn around and another dump has erased all your past work and you get to do it all over again. Digging out from an email avalanche can feel just as repetitive, often forcing you to write the same lines and include the same information in email after email after email over and over and over again.

Emails and even long form writing can all start feeling pretty repetitive — and if you have to do the work, a helper like Lightkey Pro Text Prediction software can at least make the process happen a whole lot faster.

Lightkey Pro is like the word suggestions you get while texting, but on steroids. With a little bit of time and access to how you write, Lightkey starts to get a feel for how you think and express yourself. Before too long, Lightkey’s AI-fueled algorithms are pumping along like a well-oiled machine, predicting fragments of up to 12 words for what it thinks you’ll say next. 

If you find yourself constantly writing things like “thanks for reaching out with your email” or “let’s see if we can schedule a meeting for next week,” it won’t take long for Lightkey Pro to spot your literary proclivities and let you add the entire phrase right into your email or document with a single click. It’s even trained to appropriately handle punctuation, so you’ll never look like an idiot for taking one of Lightkey’s suggestions. It even works in English as well as 84 other languages. 

And if the terminology you use in your business is more specified, Lightkey is ready. Their service has access to over 60 different content domains, including medicine, the law, manufacturing, tech and more. Armed with all the insider jargon that crops up in each industry, Lightkey never gets thrown with all those unexpected words and phrases that trip up other services. 

Lightkey can get the average writer turning out emails at twice, three times, or even up to four times faster than before and it works with Microsoft Office apps like Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint, Google Chrome apps, and more.

A lifetime of access to the quasi-magical properties of Lightkey Pro Text Predictive software is a $169 value, but with the current deal, you save over 50 percent, slashing your price to just $79.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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