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Lian Li Uni Fan SL120


The new Lian Li UNI FAN SL120 brings the potential for clutter-free cooling to your PC building fun times. Offering an inter-locking, modular design, the new system allows you to connect up to four individual fans together to create a slab of RGB-laden beauty that needs only a solitary cable to make them spin and shine. It’s a solution that will make the mess of cabling inside a modern PC far more manageable… well, so long as you’re intent on putting a lot of fans in your machine.

UNI FAN SL120 specs

Fan dimension – 122.8 x 122.4 x 25mm
Fan speed – 800 – 1,900RPM
Noise – 17 ~ 31dB
Bearings – Fluid dynamic bearing
Max. air pressure – 2.54mmH20
Max. air flow – 58.54CFM

Sorry, what? Case fan innovation? Is this some kind of voodoo magic? Aside from fitting some pretty lights around the spinning blades, which help keep our precious PC components chilled, PC manufacturers haven’t really done a lot to change the humble case fan. Okay, there have been small updates to blade design, promising to increase airflow and such, as well as advances in bearing tech—magnetic levitation, FTW—but Lian Li’s nifty new tech is the first to be genuinely, and moreover tangibly useful to almost anyone building a DIY gaming PC.

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