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Lemnis Gate is a time loop FPS where every second counts


I’m standing on the rocky slopes of an alien planet. After spending the first round racing around the map as Rush, an agent heavily inspired by Overwatch’s Tracer, my game plan is already in motion. Using my kinetic booster ability to zip around the map, I’ve started capturing each of the four points. There’s no time to waste, so I land a few shots on each tower to get the ball rolling. Then the time loop begins: In subsequent rounds Rush will diligently return to each tower, taking the exact same path and reliving that first round over and over to eventually capture them.

Now it’s my opponent’s turn. They spend the first 15 seconds gunning down a couple of towers before setting their sights on my Rush. Having chosen Vendetta, their abilities let them place turrets which can neutralise my character in a few short bursts. Rush is now hurtling down a doomed path, blissfully unaware that there’s a deadly barrage with their name on it. They’ll die before this round ends.

Do I save Rush by taking out the enemy Vendetta before they can even place their turrets? I could place a protection orb to obstruct the enemy fire, but that means I won’t be able to shield the rest of my squad later. Maybe it’s wiser to sacrifice Rush for now and work out a way to protect them later. Either way, the clock is running.

(Image credit: Ratloop Games Canada)

Lemnis Gate is a turn-based combat strategy FPS that unfolds in a time loop. As far as descriptions go, I concede that’s one helluva mouthful, and after hopping into some games I still don’t think it quite captures what makes Lemnis Gate special. Its time loop lasts just 25 seconds, and over the course of the game, you’ll be tasked with an objective such as capturing towers, or collecting materials. Matches are split across 10 rounds which alternate between one/two players in its 1v1 mode, or four players in 2v2.

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