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Knowing The Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Tires

Knowing The Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Tires 1
Knowing The Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Tires 2Knowing The Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Tires 3

There have been many innovations in the automotive industry in the past couple of decades, and one of the car parts that’s advanced immensely is tires. With a lot of advanced engineering, manufacturers produced high-quality, high-performance tires and put them out on the market. Now tire prices have been more competitive, and car owners have to pick between expensive or cheap ones.

For car owners who only earns enough, purchasing new tires can be a tough choice. It always goes down to how much money you can afford to spend and the available options. You wouldn’t want to have second-rate tires, but at the same time, you’d like ones that won’t cost you as much.

The importance of having good quality tires can’t be overstated, for those are a critical part of your car that keeps you safe. To choose the right tires, you have to educate yourself about the factors that influence pricing right now to better evaluate the available options. This article can help you, as it discusses knowing the difference between cheap and expensive tires.

Tread depth

The depth of the tires’ tread can sometimes factor in the pricing. Tire treads are key to keeping good contact on the road or whatever surface you’re driving on. Different tires have different tire depth and patterns, depending on what they’re made for.

Summer tires typically have thinner tread because it’s used to drive during dry conditions. Winter tires have the thicker tread because they do better on ice and snow. Tread depth depends on the purpose for which the tire will serve, which is the weather, but the pricing of Continental tires or different brands isn’t always affected by it.

It may not be a big factor in the price, but it is in terms of tire usage. Tire treads are vital in keeping your car’s contact on the road and a comfortable ride as well. Thicker treads produce more noise when driving than thinner ones, which is another thing to keep in mind when choosing which tires to buy.


Tires that last longer are much more worth it. Just like your car, you’d want its parts to be usable for as long as it could, or beyond that even. It’s a basic return on investment philosophy.

Many factors also determine a tire’s durability, but the main one would be the rubber. Softer rubber equals better performance, but the drawback is its tread will wear faster. The harder the rubber, the longer the tire will last.

Normally, cheaper tires can’t compete in terms of rubber quality with the more expensive ones. The expensive brands typically have the edge of having better materials than the cheaper ones.

Brand name

Like every other product or service, choosing a popular brand will cost more. A brand that’s established a name for itself has earned the reputation and rightfully deserves recognition in pricing. The more expensive the tire is, the better quality it is.

The trust is there already between consumers and the expensive brand. They’re trusted to be durable and to perform excellently on the road. Most of the time, these are the tires that you’d like to save money for so you can purchase them.

Although that’s the status quo, there are slightly cheaper tires than the established brand names that are high-quality. This is why you should always keep an eye out on the market and the tire shop where you’re shopping for discount tires that rival big brands’ quality. Many of them are brands that have yet to gain consumers’ trust, so it’s better to buy from them before they do so and get expensive.


Tires are responsible for better handling of your car while you drive. Your tires should make it easy for you to turn in another direction. This is why handling is focused on in terms of pricing them.

Tires that handle cars well when driving is priced higher than most. These tires won’t quickly lose control when you’re driving at fast speeds or on a wet road due to their sufficient grip. It makes for a safer ride because your car will respond well when you react during emergencies, e.g., sudden turns or stops.


The bottom line of the difference between cheap and expensive tires is that price doesn’t always determine quality and performance. Keep in mind that your safety is more important than anything else, so look for tires that can perform well on the road at a reasonable price.

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