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KeySmart Tactiv Bolt Action Pen has a rifle-inspired design


If you’re looking for a tactical pen that can handle rugged environments, we have just the pen for you. KeySmart has expanded its diverse line of practical accessories with a product that will keep you writing in even the harshest environments. Who knows; it just might even save your life!

If you ever go shopping for a tactical pen, you’ll find that there are a million different options. Chances are brands with names no one’s heard of are manufacturing them. KeySmart, however, is a brand that’s made practical EDC accessories for a long time. Now, they’re expanding their fantastic line of products with a new item: the TactivWP09 Bolt Action Pen. Its design uses premium materials that are sure to have you writing in even the most extreme conditions. Perfect for your daily carrying routine! Let’s get a better look at this handy accessory.

Tactiv Bolt Action Pen features a rifle-like mechanism

A reliable pen that uses strong, premium materials

KeySmart makes the TactivWP09 Bolt Action Pen from high-quality materials that will hold up against a considerable degree of abuse. It weighs in at just 0.0848 lbs and is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum. This rock-solid design is approximately 5.2 inches in length and 0.6 inches in diameter—an ideal size for a tactical pen. A copper ink cartridge and a stainless steel pocket clip add a little more to this mighty writing tool. Who doesn’t love premium quality like this?

Tactiv WP09 features a slick rifle-inspired design

If you enjoy the mechanical nature of firearms, you’ll appreciate KeySmart’s rifle-inspired design. A classic rifle style is the bolt action rifle that requires turning, pulling, and pushing a lever to chamber each round from its magazine. The technique offers users a unique operating experience. The Tactiv WP09 Bolt Action Pen channels this idea to create a unique experience of its own. By using a push, turn, and release motion, you can trigger the pen point. Pretty cool!

The Tactiv Bolt Action Pen can write in rain and has a rifle-inspired mechanism
TactivWP09 Bolt Action Pen can write in the rain

KeySmart’s pen is 100% waterproof and has a rugged grip

More than anything else, you expect a tactical pen to be tough. Well, fear not. The TactivWP09 Bolt Action Pen is 100% waterproof! Plus, because of its Rite in the Rain ink, it can be combined with a waterproof notebook for complete writing functionality in wet conditions. Its rugged grip, also inspired by firearms, is firm and will help keep the pen from slipping when writing in volatile situations. Lastly, the pen can operate in extreme temperatures. From -30 to 250-degrees Fahrenheit, it’s got you covered.

Can’t go wrong with KeySmart or tactical pens when it comes to EDC

Tactical pens are a surprisingly useful gadget to have around. Be it in your vehicle to use breaking glass in an emergency or in your everyday carry bag. Use them for last-resort self-defense maneuvers or for writing in harsh environments. With a reputable company like KeySmart, you can’t go picking up one of this pen for your daily carry routine.

You can purchase the KeySmart Tactiv WP09 Bolt Action Pen for $56.96 today on the official product website.

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