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kashmir: Some people promoting terror while world fights Covid: PM Narendra Modi


New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi addressing a special NAM Summit pulled up Pakistan without naming it and asserted that while the entire globe fights covid-19 “some people are busy spreading some other deadly viruses such as terrorism, fake news and doctored videos to divide communities and countries”

“Even as the world fights COVID-19, some people are busy spreading some other deadly viruses such as terrorism, fake news and doctored videos to divide communities and countries,” Modi said in his speech taking part in virtual NAM Summit.

“Today, humanity faces its most serious crisis in many decades. At this time, NAM can help promote global solidarity. NAM has often been the world’s moral voice. To retain this role, NAM must remain inclusive,” he noted indicating that India backs NAM as a neutral forum amid sharp divisions in geo-politics.

“Despite our own needs, we have ensured medical supplies to our 123 partner countries including 59 members of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). We are active in global efforts to develop remedies and vaccines. “

“To counter COVID-19 we’ve promoted coordination in our immediate neighbourhood and we’re organising online training to share India’s medical expertise with many others,” he said, adding, “During this crisis we have shown how democracy, discipline and decisiveness can come together to create a genuine people’s movement. Indian civilization sees whole world as one family. As we care for our own citizens, we’re also extending help to other countries.”

“COVID-19 has shown us the limitations of the existing international system. In the post-COVID world, we need a new template of globalization, based on fairness, equality, and humanity. We need international institutions that are more representative of today’s world. We need to promote human welfare, and not focus on economic growth alone. India has long championed such initiatives.”

“Such as the International Day of Yoga, to improve physical and mental well-being of all humanity. Such as the International Solar Alliance, to help our planet heal from the disease of climate change. Such as the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure, to protect ourselves against climate and disaster risks.Many countries organise military drills. But India has taken the initiative to organise disaster management drills in our region and beyond,” the PM pointed out.

The PM suggested NAM should call upon the international community and the W.H.O. to focus on building health-capacity in developing countries. “We should ensure equitable , affordable and timely access to health products and technologies for all. We should develop a platform for all NAM countries, to pool our experiences, best practices, crisis-management protocols, research, and resources.”

This was the first time Modi took part in a NAM meeting since becoming the Prime minister in 2014. Modi skipped the NAM summit in 2016 and again in 2019 as India started focusing on multi-alignment rather than non-alignment.

India was represented by the vice president in the last two summits in 2016 in Venezuela and 2019 in Azerbaijan. Manmohan Singh had participated at the Tehran NAM meet in 2012 as the PM. Azerbaijan is the president of the grouping till 2022 and the meet is being organised under the leadership of its president Ilham Aliyev.

Other blocs like G20, BRICS and regional groupings like SAARC have also held video conferences to discuss a coordinated approach to tackle Covid. NAM represents the biggest grouping of countries outside the United Nations and has 120 developing countries from Asia, Africa and Latin America under its fold.

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