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Just admit that your console exclusives are coming to PC already


Imagine if we used the word “exclusive” in dating the same way it’s used in videogame marketing. “Yeah, we’re exclusive,” says the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, holding hands with the PlayStation 4. Then, turning to face the camera and performing an exaggerated wink: “Which just means I can’t date Xbox over there for 12 months, but after that I can date literally anyone else I want. I’m gonna be gettin’ busy, if y’know what I’m sayin’!”

In the last few years, as Microsoft has committed to bringing everything Xbox to PC and even Sony has finally seen the enormous potential of porting its first-party games, “exclusive” has entirely lost its meaning. It might as well have the trailing asterisk grafted on permanently. Outside of Nintendo games, it’s growing harder and harder to believe any game is truly exclusive to a console or digital store for the long haul. The word “exclusive” is now, exclusively, contortionist marketing speech used to build hype for an outdated console war and sucker in early adopters who’d otherwise be happy to wait a few months for the PC version.

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