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It melts my heart that the go-to partner for Stardew Valley marriage speedrunning is Shane


Watching players speedrun games is always fascinating. The work and dedication that it takes to find those hidden shortcuts and glitches is astonishing, and having the skill to carry those moves out under the pressure of a time limit is an impressive feat.

It’s high adrenalin stuff, requiring focus and causing stress, so when I found out that one of the most relaxing games on PC, Stardew Valley, had its own speedrunning community, I was immediately intrigued. How can you speedrun a game which is, by design, is so laidback and slow? 

The Stardew Valley speedrunning community has been around for years and it always has a welcome spot at events like Games Done Quick. The most popular category to run is restoring the Community Center as fast as possible (which is your farmer’s main task in the game), but there are plenty of other Stardew Valley speedrunning groups. You could try completing the seasonal bundles in the quickest time, get to the bottom floor of the mines, and even try your hand at restoring the JojaMart (if you’re totally heartless), but one speedrunning category I was not expecting to find was marriage speedrunning. 

Stardew Valley

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The goal of Stardew Valley marriage speedrunning is all in the title: you need to romance and marry an NPC as fast as possible. To win the heart of your chosen partner, you need to shower them with gifts and complete their requests to earn points and gain friendship hearts. When you’ve hit the ten heart mark, only then can you turn your courtship into marriage.

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