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Iron Harvest let me destroy a giant mech with a bear


Iron Harvest developer King Art Games knows what’s good. Mechs, of course, are very good. Plonking those mechs in an alternate 1920s is even better. Bears? Also good, especially when you get to charge into battle with one. And an RTS with a cover system, weapons that can be picked up and a focus on singleplayer? Call the undertaker because, friends, I have died. 

There are shades of many classic real-time strategy romps evident in Iron Harvest, but none have provided such clear inspiration as the oeuvre of Relic, most notably Company of Heroes. Calling it Company of Heroes with mechs is a slightly reductive description that I’m still absolutely going to use because there’s no escaping its presence. 

One of the first things that the tutorial teaches you is how to hide behind stuff. That’s something you’ll be doing a lot as you try to keep your troops from being riddled with bullets. Hover over some cover and you’ll see green pips representing your units, and once your troops are behind the wall they can start exchanging fire without getting mown down straight away—at least until their cover gets blown to smithereens.

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Enemies will try to do the same, obviously, necessitating tactics slightly more advanced than just clicking on stuff you want to kill. Chucking a grenade over the wall will help with any entrenched foes, but more often you’ll want to flank them. If the AI or another player sees your troops moving in from the other direction, they might be able to fight off your attack, but that’s where stealth comes in. As well as being able to sneak through bushes, you can hide behind anything that breaks line of sight, making it easier to get the drop on your target. 

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