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Introducing the next generation of green energy storage » Gadget Flow


Lavo’s Green Energy Storage System comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and an app for monitoring and controlling your home’s energy costs. Best of all, it uses solar energy to create electricity for your home. Continue reading to explore why you need this product.

If you want to be more sustainable with your energy, you’ll need a product to do that. Lavo’s Green Energy Storage System is the world’s first integrated hydrogen battery that uses rooftop solar to deliver reliable and renewable green energy for your home or business. It can provide an emergency ration of power if your grid ever fails and when the sun goes down to reduce your energy costs.

Generates storage from your solar panels

Lavo’s Green Energy Storage System interacts with your rooftop solar to obtain and store renewable energy that you can use when you need it—even when it’s dark outside. Simply connect this eco-friendly gadget to your solar inverter and the mains water. Then, sit back and allow it to collect excess energy to electrolyzer the water for hot water and a domestic power bank. It’ll release oxygen and store the hydrogen at a pressure of 30 bar.

In addition, it can generate hydrogen from water and store it. This device will turn the energy into electricity using a fuel cell–similar to how a hydrogen vehicle works.

Lavo Green Energy Storage System front view

World’s first hydrogen battery

Impressively, the Green Energy Storage System can store 40 kilowatt-hours worth of energy, which is more than five times the Tesla Powerwall. As a result, Lavo’s gadget can run an average-sized home for up to two days. In fact, this device can store three times as much power as wall-mounted batteries. And when you need this energy, it uses a fuel cell to deliver it into the home. In addition, the brand claims more than 50% round-trip efficiency of conversions.

When it comes to buying an expensive, efficient energy system, portability isn’t an important factor. Weighing 714 lbs and measuring 1,680 x 1,240 x 400 mm—about the size of a fridge, this item isn’t easy for thieves to take, providing you with peace of mind. Although, you may have to make some home adjustments to accommodate storage. Unlike lithium batteries, Lavo’s product can constantly recharge itself rather than waiting until it’s been fully discharged.

Lavo Green Energy Storage System

Lavo Green Energy Storage System up close

Overall, the Lavo Green Energy Storage System will last around 30 years, and when the hydride is degraded, it’ll melt down and can be reused—provided numerous environmental advantages.

It’s available for pre-order at 34,750 and is set for dispatch in June 2021. Is this a device you could incorporate into your home life? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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