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Intel Xe release date, specs, performance, and pricing


A new challenger is set to enter the cutthroat world of discrete graphics cards in 2020. Announced at the end of 2018, the Intel Xe GPU is coming later this year. That’s pronounced X-E, for reference, not Zee and in an ideal world Intel will give PC gamers another viable option on the gaming GPU front, but it looks like we’re only going to get discrete mobile Xe graphics silicon this year. Mix that in with the upcoming Nvidia Ampere cards, AMD’s Big Navi / RDNA 2 GPUs, and even potentially Huawei’s rumored entry into the GPU market, and we’re still in for an exciting end to this year. 

Intel’s current line of integrated GPUs doesn’t even rank on our GPU hierarchy so it’ll be interesting to see how its future discrete cards stack up against Nvidia and AMD’s offerings. If current numbers ring true… not great. But the first generation is always tough, and we’re not expecting Intel to dramatically change the game with its first Xe GPUs. The Intel Xe is set to be positioned as a direct competitor with AMD and Nvidia on all fronts, by making GPUs in gaming, pro-grade, and enterprise markets. And if Intel sticks the landing this will effectively give consumers a competitive third choice in GPUs, which could be huge. 

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