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Intel erased all the market share gains AMD CPUs made this year


Since the beginning of the year, AMD had been chipping away at Intel’s market share lead among gamers on Steam, but that has all come undone in a single month. Looking at the latest numbers, Intel gained back all the share it lost this year, and then some.

I’m not talking about huge monthly swings—just a few percentage points—but it is an interesting trend that likely reflects the short term unavailability of AMD’s best CPUs for gaming based on Zen 3 (Ryzen 5000 series). Even right now, the Ryzen 9 5950X and Ryzen 9 5900X are both out of stock at places like Amazon and Newegg, save for listings by marketplace sellers who have jacked up the prices.

Granted, Steam’s hardware survey is not completely scientific, but it is the best snapshot we have of PC gaming hardware trends. And what we see for the month of June is Intel taking a 1.72% usage share away from AMD, to land at 71.58%. That’s a 3.44% swing (Intel gained 1.72% and AMD lost 1.72%).

(Image credit: Valve)

While not shown, Intel’s share in January of this year was 66.51%, versus 33.49% for AMD. So over the first half of the year, Intel has managed to grow its dominant share by an additional 5%, at the expense of AMD. That’s a not insignificant 10% swing in CPU share among gamers on Steam.

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