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InfiRay T2L thermal imaging smartphone camera


Want to have infrared vision? Well, now you—or rather—your phone can with the InfiRay T2L thermal imaging smartphone camera. This easy-to-use camera attaches to your phone or any device with a USB-C connection to show you the temperatures of objects in your environment. Keep reading this blog post to find out more about this cool new gadget.

Have you ever wished you could look at your home or car through infrared glasses to detect problems before they surface? Well, this high-tech smartphone camera makes that a real possibility. The InfiRay T2L thermal imaging smartphone camera takes thermal images, allowing you to see things like pipe leaks, electrical issues, problems with your car, and more.

The InfiRay T2L is a petite external camera with a USB-C connecter that plugs into a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. Measuring about the size of a quarter and weighing just 18 grams, you’ll have no trouble fitting this gadget in your bag, backpack, and even your pocket. Its silver color blends in well with any device and, overall, the design is sleek and modern. With its strong alloy lens, this is just the gadget you want in your EDC. Let’s see how it works.

InfiRay T2L thermal imaging smartphone camera on a smartphone

Unveil the thermal world with this infrared smartphone camera

This infrared smartphone camera actually detects heat signatures, wherever they happen to be. So if you’re an amateur—or even a skilled—contractor, this gadget makes it easier for you to spot pipe leaks, window and door insulation, electrical heating equipment, and more. That way, you can fix problems before they cause structural damage to your home. And of course, if you can avoid those, you won’t have to pay hefty repair bills. Likewise, if you’re a medical professional and want a quick, accurate way to see elevated or decreased body temperatures, just attach this camera to your smartphone.

IThis high-tech infrared smartphone camera helps with home maintenance nfiRay T2L thermal imaging smartphone camera
InfiRay T2L thermal imaging smartphone camera on a black background

This Infrared camera for smartphones is easy to use

With its high-tech capabilities, you might think that this infrared smartphone camera is complicated to use or has a tricky setup. But you’d be incorrect. Thanks to the InfiRay T2L‘s plug-and-play design, this camera is simple to use. In fact, once you plug this gadget into your device, you’ll see thermal images in a second. And with its app or PC software, managing this camera is a breeze. So it’s a pretty practical gadget, one you’ll want to have with you especially if you work in building or home management.

InfiRay T2L thermal imaging smartphone camera in a video

Get clear images with this thermal camera for smartphones

While this infrared smartphone camera gives you thermal images, you won’t lack clarity. With its 256 x 192 resolution, the visuals will be nice and clear. So you’ll be able to distinguish a pipe from an electrical wire or cold air coming in through a poorly insulated wall. Finally, with a frame rate of 25 Hz, this is a camera that can show you natural footage. It’s even great for taking regular videos and pictures.

See accurate temperatures

Another cool feature of the InfiRay T2L is its temperature range. From -68º F to 248º F, this gadget gives you accurate temperatures at a glance thanks to its MATRI III Patented Thermal Imaging Algorithm. It provides correct temperature reading of any object within the camera’s field of view. So, depending on the image you get, you’ll be able to tell if, say, your car’s engine is overheating and what temperature it is. It comes with six pseudo color modes, so you can also choose how you want the temperatures to be displayed. Choose from High Contrast Rainbow, White Hot, Iron Rainbow, Black Hot, Rainbow, and Iron Gray.

Check out the Ge Monocrystal Alloy Lens

This infrared smartphone camera is something even professionals can appreciate thanks to its Ge Monocrystal Alloy Lens. It offers a big aperture at F1.2 and measures 26 x 26 mm. With a 33.4 FOV and a rotate-to-focus feature, this lens gives you the shots you want. If you work with circuits, monitor industrial equipment, or are just a concerned homeowner, this is a tool you’ll want in your workspace.

Conserve your device’s battery

Also, the InfiRay T2L isn’t a gadget that’ll drain your device’s battery. At 0.35W, this gadget has ultra-low power consumption, which is something anyone can appreciate. Because let’s be honest, how likely are you to use a gadget if you know you won’t be able to use your phone to make calls or watch shows later in the day?

With the InfiRay T2L, you finally have a quick way to see the invisible. Seeing temperature is a pretty accurate way to detect issues that would otherwise go unnoticed until serious problems result. Overall, this gadget is impressive because shows you thermal images of mechanical systems around a home, industrial equipment, circuits, and more. With this high-tech gadget, you really can have infrared sight right in your pocket.

The InfiRay T2L thermal imaging smartphone camera costs $329 and you can buy it on Amazon. How would you use this thermal imaging smartphone camera? Let us know in the comments.

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