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India Inc can delve deep within and construct its own reality: Deepak Chopra to ETILC members


As per a study titled “Influence of Spirituality of CEO’s on Job Satisfaction of Their Respective Employees.” by Venugopal N. published in IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science (IOSR-JHSS) there is a statistically significant positive relationship between spiritual dimensions such as – transcendence, belongingness, self-esteem, naturalness and religiousness of the CEO and the job satisfaction of their employees.

A wholesome interpretation of leadership is inclusive of the true intent of those at the helm of business as the unlocking of real value is dependent on many subtle factors other than those of revenue, productivity and growth. Factors such as motivation, resilience and contentment not only lead to happy employees but to the realization of all financial objectives without compromising on ethics. And truly inspiring leaders of India Inc are fully aware of this correlation between pure potentiality and the factors we consider to be successful in the traditional terms. ETILC members had an in-depth discussion with Deepak Chopra on understanding consciousness as to enhance the capacity for intuition, creativity and conscious decision making.

One cannot base one’s reality based on circumstances or society’s expectations of us. These are ever changing and if we assign too much importance to them, they will have too much control over us.Instead one has to be aware of the source of awareness. In 2021, the world collectively is going through one of the toughest periods humanity has faced. There are numerous problems related to health and pandemics, race, poverty and inequality and it is all because as a collective group we haven’t understood our fundamental reality.

“If thoughts are impulses of intelligence, then your body is a network of thoughts and all molecules are messengers of emotion”

— Deepak Chopra

Even though science is ready, people are not ready. Precision fermentation can help us make any protein we want. The convergence of information technology can lead to AI and augmented reality and virtual dreamscapes. We can today, also create matter from fundamental particles. And lastly, we can make a shift in our consciousness and understand that there is no such thing as environment and we are formless. We can assume any identity we want to.


ETILC members also discussed some of the above subjects in great detail with Deepak Chopra. Here are some excerpts from those interactions:

In the United States, the constitution mentions the “pursuit of happiness” and “peace of mind”. Both these phrases can be questioned. The former assumes that the fundamental state of one’s being is unhappy and therefore one must pursue it. However, we know this to be untrue because a child can be happy without any reason whatsoever. Joy or ananda are totally different as you don’t need a reason for it and everything flows from ananda shakti which leads to gyan shakti which leads to icha shakti. This leads to the spontaneous fulfillment of desire.

“How does one rate happiness versus spirituality?”

— Manoj Mehta, CEO, MTC Group

We are not our minds. That is the source of all suffering in the world. The mind is the separate self or ego identity. It is us having the socially induced hallucination that I am separate from the universe, or I am separate from the environment. But in reality we are not separate from the universe. We confuse ourselves with the process from fertilized egg to death, which is called the body but it doesn’t exist. We should not trust the mind. What we should focus on instead is – awareness of the body, awareness of the mind, awareness of what’s happening inside, awareness of relationship, awareness of the universe and then awareness of awareness. Once we are able to do this, we are free from the above constructs and we have the ability to generate constructs, enroll people in the constructs and create a fundamentally different world. We then have the power to create constructs, enroll people in the constructs and create a fundamentally different world. However, at the moment we are functioning like biological robots that are being triggered by people and circumstances.

“The mind that allows you to go beyond the human state is also responsible for limiting the effort as well. How do you navigate between the two”

— Gaurav Malhotra, MD, Hansgrohe India

Age is a human construct as well. In the Hindu tradition, we have four stages of life – education, household and work, then retirement and self-realization. Once you realize that your body is not energy or matter but consciousness, then you can play with it. Deepak Chopra believes that once this realization sets in, one can live indefinitely or in mahasamadhi. There are a few things that can change both your health span and life span. One – change your perception, your body is not matter, it is consciousness. Two – the concept of ageing. In societies where people perceive the elderly as wise, they grow old more gracefully. In societies, where you have marathon runners at the age of 90, they collectively believe that the elderly are the most glamorous. Three – a minimum of 10,000 steps of walking everyday. Four – healthy emotions. Five- balancing biological rhythms, Six – mind body coordination through techniques like yoga, tai-chi, martial arts. Seven – nutrition, zero sugar, a plant based diet.

“The Japanese clearly are a race who defy their chronological age. What enables this?”

— Dinesh Aggarwal

Some people believe that if they have positive thoughts all the time, they will attract positive things. However, that may not necessarily be true as a positive mind can be a very turbulent mind. The law of attraction simply means that you attract your current state of awareness. Sankalp is subtle intention that moves five pranas which move mind, intellect and yoga. Sankalp, dharna, dhyan, samadhi – is the key to manifesting anything. Instead of reading the law of attraction, one must read the second chapter of the
yogasutras of Patanjali.

“Does the law of attraction really work”

— Shashank Garg, Partner, Advani & Co

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