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Importance of Racial Equity

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Discrimination has always been a problem in many places, and it is something that people should not ignore. Some would choose to close their eyes when they witness situations that involve this, thinking that someone brave enough will come along to step up and do the right thing. It comes in many forms, and it can be the unjust treatment of a person basing on his sex, age, or race. The most common type of discrimination that we see every day is racial bias, where people of color are often singled out and given unfair treatment.

What is Racial Discrimination?

Racial discrimination is present when a person is receiving unfair treatment from people around him who assume that they have a higher status because of their color, race, or ethnic origin. For example, when store owners or bystanders make people of color the immediate suspect when something has gone missing in a grocery store. The police would often use force on them even when they are not fighting back, and they would embarrass them in front of many people.

These situations have triggered a lot of protests that have encouraged the government to pass laws that protect people who are the subject of such discrimination. Some organizations started to gather to fight for fairness and to support these laws. People have also established morals and unwritten agreements that favor those who are always receiving unfair treatments. One view that people have been fighting for many years is the Racial Equality. This view has started to open the eyes of most people who began to recognize the damage that racial discrimination has caused.Check this Guide for 101 Racial Equity Resources for Education,Helth And Commnity & Professional Develpoment

What is racial Equality?

Racial Equality happens when people of all races, no one excluded, receive equal opportunities and treatment. In other words, all schools, companies, and other institutions will treat everyone justly when it comes to education, employment, personal rights, opportunities, and other salient factors. The achievement of Racial Equality was not easy. It started as a loud cry that always fell on deaf ears. Many people who were fighting for these rights died without experiencing the justice they were longingly fighting for many years. Two of the know personalities who fought for this are Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks.

Martin Luther King Jr. has experienced discrimination first hand and has wished ever since for change, so he started to combat the problem peacefully. He became a spokesperson and leader of a civil rights movement that fought to end racial discrimination.

Importance of Racial Equality in the aspects of society


During the times when people consider other races as inferior races, the employment for the latter is limited or even nothing. Trying to get a job or promotion is always hard to deal with because they are not even in the choices. For example, an African American applying for a job would never stand a chance if he is up against another applicant who has a lighter skin color. Even when he is more qualified to take the job, he will still have a 0% chance when it comes to getting the job. However, when people have started recognizing the Racial Equality, opportunities for people of color have widened. Companies have offered them the same possibilities as the others and treated them reasonably without any discrimination. They were able to get the job they deserve, receive promotions, and have the rights that any employee of a company enjoys.


In the absence of Racial Equality, schools have denied people because of their race. These schools would claim that they are only exclusively open for the people they favor. Some schools even say that getting an education is going to be useless for them because they would end up getting a street job anyway. In the old times, schools would even segregate African Americans from white Americans. Schools enforced rules that say they should play, eat, and study separately. With the recognition of Racial Equality, these circumstances have changed. Studying in a school or university has been open to all and not only to selected people. They received the right to go to any school they desire to attend, and this has also let them be eligible for employment.

Housing and Accommodation

The people claiming superiority over the other races have forced the latter to live in places far away from them or in inconvenient places. Lessors would refuse to rent them rooms, and others would deny them any lands to buy. These events have led them to live a life in an area where they cannot improve or lift themselves from the current situation they are in, and that is why some of them continued to be impoverished while the race discriminating against them continues to prosper. The effect of Racial Equality has allowed them to experience the things they should have possessed in the first place.

Racial Equality should have existed since the beginning. But, wishing now is not going to change something that has happened in the past. People who still have closed eyes should start opening them to see the importance of impartiality when it comes to races because its absence has never given us any good.

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