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Importance of Pohela Boishakh


Pohela Boishakh (Bangla : পহেলা বৈশাখ)  is the first day of Bangla month. It is called the Bengali Year. There are 12 months in Bangla months. The first month is Boishakh. The first Bengali month is Baishakh. The first day of the month of Baishakh is the first Baishakh.

The first word means the first. Pohela Boishakh is called the first day of Bangla month. This day is celebrated in large numbers in different countries. Bangladesh is very popular this day. This day is celebrated very gladly. On this day the people of Bangladesh enjoy different types of arrangements.

When Pohela Boishakh will be cerebrated?

Pahela Baishakh celebrates April 14th and 15th. Pahela Boishak is celebrated on April 14th in Bangladesh, and on April 15th in India, Pahela Boishakh is celebrated. This day is very important for all Bengali people. This day cooks various types of cakes. As a result, this day becomes interesting. On this day the boys wear Punjabi and girls are wearing a sari.

Ther year its Monday, 15 April – Pahela Baishakh 2019 in India

How is the festival of Pohela Boishakh celebrated?

Pahla boishakh is celebrated in Bangladesh with Panta Hilsa. Panta Hilsa is a popular meal in Bangladesh. Bengalis celebrate this day on this day this way. On this day it is a traditional object. Read more articles from Bangladeshi content writers from Pohela Boishakh – The Tradition of Bengali     

On the occasion of Pahela Boishakh, fairs are held in different places. These fairs are very important for Bengali people. This Mela is marked as Baishakhi Mela. Boishakhi fair is held this month in a month-long and all kinds of people participate in this fair.

The day before the Pahela Baishakh in many countries without Bangladesh is very important. It is also observed in different countries. This day is celebrated with different cultures in different places. Many people gather this day and make this day more traditional.

All Bengali people who come out of this day come to Bangladesh and on this day, they celebrate this day with their families. This day is an important day for all. The traders started their new business this day. Any kind of work begins with a new initiative.

This day is important for the Hindus. On this day, Hindus worship Ganesh and work on this day as a witness to God. Again a special day for Muslims. They start this day very well and start their business again and with the grace of Allah, they proceed for business success.

Besides this, the younger ones purchase gift cards for their friends and send it to their friends on this day and greet the message. And those who use Facebook send their friends to their friends by collecting pictures of the Pohela Boishakh from Google and they make this day more special.

There are various types of events on this day in the area. Different actors and actresses participate in the events of this area and their popularity is very popular to the people. Because this day is the first day of the year. On the first day of the year, they do many things for their happiness.

On this day sweets were distributed to all office courts. This day is celebrated with sweets. Have fun this day. Prior to the first Boishakh month, every family members buy sari and other types of clothing for their families.

Bengalis live in Bangladesh and their language is Bangla. They are called Bengali because they are called Bengali. Bengalis celebrate Pahela Baishakh and it is their tradition and culture. and it is their tradition and culture. Pohela Boisakh is celebrated every year.

The first month of the month of Boishakh. The people of Bangladesh are waiting this day after 11 months long. Countries like Bangladesh, like Australia, celebrate the day of Baishakh in the country like Australia. On the first Baishakh day in Bangladesh, officially declare holidays.