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Importance of Computer Operator Jobs in India

With IT revolution in the country in the 80s and inception of the Internet in 1990s, computers and information technology were introduced to the masses, and since then there is no looking back. Ever since then, there is always the requirement of computer operators in the country.  Every organization runs on Internet and computer devices. There is not a single business or company in the country, which does not make use of computers or laptops. In fact, with the advancements of technology, life without computers or smart devices is an incomplete life. A large number of industries/businesses/companies employ computer operators. Hence, there is always the need for computer operator jobs in India.

Importance of Computer Operator Jobs in India: Roles and Responsibilities

A computer operator is required in an organization, whether, big or small, to monitor and control computers/laptops and peripheral electronic data processing equipment. The objective is to ensure that business, engineering, operating and other data processing are carried out according to operating instructions and no disturbances occur in the work processes.

In general, a computer operator is needed to oversee works on a computer terminal, making sure the system is up and running without error. Most of their duties are learned while on the job as their roles and responsibilities vary according to the office set-up and systems used.

The basic tasks involved in computer operator jobs are many:

  • Managing and monitoring computer systems for daily work operation in an organization.
  • Since, nowadays, the computer operators have to work with a variety of different systems and applications, they can work either from the server located in the office premises or from a remote location.
  • They also need to identify and rectify errors as and when they occur in the systems.
  • They need to program error messages by correcting them or terminating the program.
  • Maintaining records and logging events, including taking backups are part of computer operator jobs.
  • For any malfunctioning of the systems or abnormal termination of programs, it’s the duty of the computer operator to solve the problem.
  • Computer operator works in close association with system programmers and administrators in testing and debugging of new and old systems and programs to make them run without disturbances in the production environment of the organization.

Eligibility conditions

In order to apply for computer operator jobs in India, candidates should be a graduate along with computer science diploma or certification. A class 12 pass-out candidate with a professional diploma certification in computer science is also eligible, as most of the computer operator jobs are picked up as hands-on training.

Additional requirements

Besides the educational qualification, some additional requirements are also necessary to be successful in computer operator jobs. These include:

  • Technical knowledge of different computer systems, to have knowledge of working on mainframe/mini-computer environment
  • To know different computing system operations terminology and to use different software, Microsoft Office suite, and also operating systems of Windows and Macintosh
  • Troubleshooting skills of computers devices, programs, including printers
  • Should know to operate spreadsheet programs and to produce reports.
  • They should be able to work independently
  • To keep themselves updated with the latest systems
  • Good analytical and time management skills are also required and so on

To sum up

Computer operator jobs are important in our country. Usually, the job role starts in lower level system administrator profile or operations analyst. But, with experience and expertise, you can be in team lead position, senior supervisor, systems analyst head, and so on. In fact, experts say that this role is a stepping stone to the position of a software engineer or programmer.

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