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I’m trapped in an alien airport run by stock photos of dogs


I’ve completely lost track of the number of terminals I’ve frantically run through. Everything is written in an incomprehensible alien language and I keep losing my boarding pass in a seemingly bottomless inventory filled with tennis balls and bottled toilet water (don’t ask). Bouncing back-and-forth between airports, dazed and confused, it feels like I’m stuck in a perpetual cycle I cannot escape. The only thing signifying that I haven’t been cast into one of the nine circles of Hell is the abundant number of friendly dogs—even if they are only paper-thin stock photos. 

This is An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs, an adventure game made by Strange Scaffold. Yes, sometimes it gives me vivid flashbacks to turbulent airport experiences, but overall it’s a pretty laid-back comedy adventure. 

I’m not quite sure how I ended up stuck in this chain of airports, but it has something to do with a dog named Cage Dog, The Dog Who Loves Cages, dropping a piano on my head and then trapping me in a metal box. After escaping, I resolved to traverse the string of interconnected airports and find my fiancée, Krista, helping out different puppers along the way. 

(Image credit: Strange Scaffold)

I forgive Cage Dog because I can’t stay mad at any adorable pooch, and in this universe, dogs are the masters. The joke here is that everything is run by 2D floating stock photos of dogs, maybe that how they see us? Much of Dog Airport is about helping different pups out with their requests, and how could I possibly say no? 

Stores are filled with an assortment of dog-loving items, including tennis balls, beds, and even bottled toilet water. The shops, information kiosks, and terminal gates are all staffed by dogs, meaning the laws are a little different. Dogs have no concept of money and so plane tickets and everything in the surrounding shops are all free, although making sure you pet each pooch as a thank you is always welcomed (yes, you can pet the stock photos).

(Image credit: Strange Scaffold)

After picking out a single boarding pass from the pile of fifty the ticket dog dumped on the booth, I need to match up the alien language with the right airport gate. Wandering through the airport when you have plenty of time to spare is actually pretty relaxing. 

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