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I’m too attached to my house in Valheim to get anything done


In the harsh Viking purgatory of Valheim, I’ve got an ambitious idea which I might just about pull off. In a game about proving my mettle to Odin on the tenth Norse world by bravely besting a series of monstrous beasts in combat, I’m… building a loft extension. I’m not even running out of room, I just want one. I’ve just finished fortifying my perimeter with some fetching wooden posts and I’m considering a mezzanine floor next, if I can more skilfully negotiate the ventilation issues I caused previously. Perhaps I’m just more of a Viking handyman than a warrior.

I had every intention of fulfilling my oath to my hirsute deity, I swear. To start with my base was functional: just a simple four walls and a fire, a place that played second fiddle to my primary goal of preparing for the battles ahead. Then, as time wore on, I spent more time tinkering. A new set of torches here. A silly new sign there. What would the bosses of Valheim think when, rather than using deer hides to craft leather weapons, I’m putting them towards furnishing my floor with cosy rugs.

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