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I wish the Wholesome Direct stream had shown fewer games but for longer


The Wholesome Games Direct aired today, showing off a staggering 75 indie games filled to the brim with fuzzy feelings and good vibes. I’m a bit of a ‘wholesome’ game lover myself, always hunting for a new relaxing experience to wind down with at the end of a long day. But with the presentation’s back-to-back-back trailer format, I can’t help but wonder if the age-old phrase “too much of a good thing” is true.

I’m not here to say the Wholesome Direct was bad, because it wasn’t! The presentation showed off some real corkers—getting to see more of Paralives was a genuine treat, and so many games have flown under my radar that feel like they’re made for me. Tea-brewing sim Pekoe looks adorable, and games like Yokai Inn and Unpacking look like the perfect zen experiences. I’m so stoked to see Passpartout get a sequel, and Spirit Swap looks to be giving the match-three genre a much-needed fresh lick of paint.

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